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Timely is intelligent time tracking software for individuals and teams. It’s an AI-powered time tracker that helps business owners, managers, and employees log time automatically through scheduling, real-time app and usage monitoring, and timesheet creation. It reduces the time and effort required to track hours and fill up timesheets so users can spend more time on their actual productive work.

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Timely Features and Strengths

Time tracking

Timely is an automatic time tracking tool that reduces the time and effort for time administration tasks. It records the time employee spends in different work apps and tools and then drafts timesheets that accurately reflects the hours spend on these work apps. Companies can bill their clients more accurately and honestly from time reports that the software generates.

With automatic tracking on the background, users can work naturally with minimal interruption or disruption. Users don’t see timers, nor do they need to write notes for every task they’re working on. They can put all their focus on their work and log time when applicable. All tracked work stays private to each user, with complete control of which information to share.

Project tracking

Timely helps project teams visualize project budgets and activity in real time — all for better control of project health and progress. Teams can do all the required tasks of planning, executing, collaborating, updating, and reporting while the time tracking software logs all the hours accurately for each activity.

It has a project dashboard where users can review team and budget activity in real time across different projects. Each user can have a specific hourly rate assigned, and teams can also set budgets, individual cost rates, and tags to categorize hours to swiftly generate different time reports in seconds. A with a setting that marks timesheets as billed, users won’t accidentally bill for the same things twice.

Team tracking, planning, integrations, and more

Timely is an effective time tracker for distributed and remote teams. It helps keep every team member and their workflows visible and supported as the software keeps track of hours spent on tasks. The people dashboard lets users review total hours, overtime, and billable percentages across projects, and teams can be divided into specific user groups so managers or admins can easily view grouped data. It also has tools to monitor weekly workload capacity and individual capacity with differing weekly hours.

The time tracker uses AI to provide real-time feedback that shows how plans unfold compared to what was initially scheduled — which allows users to make realistic schedules and rates. It also has several types of reports including snapshots, live reports, capacity reports, and high-level reports.

Automation through API and Zapier is available, as well as numerous integrations with productivity apps like Asana, Trello, Jira, and Microsoft Teams, and native mobile apps for iOS and Android are available too. However, Timely doesn’t support employee screenshots, keystroke monitoring, or any other questionable surveillance tactics.

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Timely Pricing

Timely pricing is available in several plans with different features and limits. Individuals and teams can choose to pay per user, per month, per year with 22% savings, or on a month-to-month plan. To test it out, you can try the 14-day free trial, which has all possible features and capabilities for a full experience.

  • The Starter plan — at $9 per user per month billed yearly (or $11 per user per month) — includes up to 50 projects and three teams. The plan includes all time tracking features, such as AI tracking and timesheets, idle detection, and manual timer. It also has automatic reminders, billable rates, tags, teams, basic reports, and help center and email support.
  • The Premium plan — at $16 per user per month billed yearly — includes unlimited projects and teams. It also has all Starter plan features with the addition of budget milestones, error detection, project dashboard, workspace capacity, capacity reports, additional project and team management tools, and in-app support.
  • The Unlimited plan — at $22 per user per month billed yearly — includes all Premium plan features. It also has all available features and higher capacity limits.

There’s also a custom Unlimited+ plan for tailored implementation and customized support.

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Who Uses Timely?

Timely is for business of all sizes and especially valuable for teams and companies that need to track time for billing, operations, and performance tracking. It is ideal for professional services firms like accountants, agencies, consultants, creatives, and lawyers, as well as software teams, project managers, and remote workers. Customers include Amazon, Kellogg’s, PepsiCo, Havas Media Group, Workday, Marriott, Yale University, Yummygum, and Grant Thornton.

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Timely Supported Language

At present, Timely supports English only.

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Case Studies

Vince Schwidder is the co-founder of a digital agency based in Amsterdam. Schwidder also has the role of UX Director apart from managing the business and the team. As the agency started taking on more projects and hiring new colleagues, it needed a tool to help organize and structure work, as well as track project hours and bill clients accurately.

Schwidder chose Timely for the agency as other tools were either too bloated or was missing important functionality. Timely lets the agency bill accurately for work, review project performance, and send reports to clients. It tracks everything the team works on automatically, so they can focus more on their work.

Wayne Pisani works at the Malta office of a global company offering assurance, tax, advisory, finance, corporate, secretarial, and administrative services. As a professional services organization, time is the inventory of its professional and support services team. After going through many solutions, the company started looking for a time tracking tool that would remind employees to log time, minimize time tracking administration, and provide clear and easy data reporting.

Pisani and team found all these features in Timely. With its self-learning features, Timely tracks time and employees verify and validate data. It has completely transformed time tracking from a chore to a simple review process.

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Why Choose Timely?

Timely enables efficient time tracking through automation and smart timesheets. It minimizes or totally eliminates the need for manual tasks that are time-consuming and prone to error. Furthermore, its ability to integrate with other tools give users a central hub for time management and a better understanding of time expenditure. Insights gained enable users to better account for hours, allot time, assign people, prioritize tasks, and optimize the workday.

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Company Info

Timely is a product of Memory AS, a privately held software company based in Oslo, Norway. It was founded in 2013 by Mathias Mikkelsen. The company saw the potential to solve problems with time in the workplace. It applied AI and digital technology to create a tool that helps workers tackle the monotonous and time-consuming task of time tracking and filling timesheets. Today, it is a global company that continues to create AI-based productivity apps to help people rediscover their passion for their work.

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