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Timely is a fully automatic time tracking software that runs across different computer platforms. It enables users to schedule work and track time simultaneously. It records everything, groups work together intelligently, and learns to make better entries the more it is used. It re-invents the concept of time tracking, so instead of logging hours backward in time, people can spend more time planning their schedule ahead.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Automatic time trackingTimely is an online application that tracks everything users work on and record it in its Memory Tracker. It needs only to be turned on once, and not for every piece of work. Tracked data is kept private and secure. A built-in artificial intelligence groups work together and suggests entries for it. It adds project tags automatically, so people only approve of the entry or make minor revisions. Moreover, every revision, renaming, and adjustment trains the AI, so it learns and gets better in tracking, achieving full automation as time goes. Memory Tracker is a program that needs to be downloaded to the device. All other tools are online.
  • Project time management – The time tracking software has premium plans for teams and companies that enable users to see time tracked across all projects. They can monitor project health from a single dashboard. It has a project activity feed feature that allows them to track project milestones. They can see a breakdown of tasks using a flexible tagging system and know exactly where time is being spent. A similar breakdown on team members will provide information on how much each individual has worked. Other features include mark as billed, bulk edits, and custom reports that are shareable via links.
  • Team time management – Timely also has features that provide users an overview of the teams activity. They can monitor team performance in real-time against key metrics, such as billable percentage and capacity. They can arrange people in logical teams, for example, by department or by country, to simplify management and reporting. A quick reporting feature allows for the creation and sharing of detailed timesheets for each team member in a few clicks.


Timely offers 3 premium plans. The Solo plan for individual use is priced at $7 per month billed annually ($8 monthly). It includes for 3 active projects and 30 days Memory timeline. The popular Essential plan is priced at $14 per user per month billed annually. It includes for unlimited active projects, 60 days Memory timeline, and mark as billed feature. The Company plan is priced at $21 per user per month billed annually, and includes all features including 365 days Memory timeline, Teams, Timesheet control, Required tags, and priority support. A free 14-day trial period is offered.

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Target Market

Timely is ideal for freelancers, consultants, startups, and SMBs. Companies offering professional services, or in advertising, design, web development, legal and architecture will gain the most benefit in using the software.

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Some of their Clients

Clients include Yummygum, Ridestore, CY Architecture, Retrospec Films, Kyle McDonald, and Alana Flick.


Kathryn Pociask stated that some of the things she likes in Timely are the visual time tracking, the memory, the percent of budget used, and the awesome support. Philipp Kirchner uses the time tracking software because it is simple and functional. He also stated that the the support is awesome and considers their feedback.

Why Timely

Timely is a new way of tracking time by enabling the user to consider it while planning their schedule, and not after doing their work. It is also smart and automated, taking less administrative time, while providing other functionality such as project time tracking and team time tracking, with report generation. The price may be on the upper side, but we consider it as a top contender for Mac-OS time tracking tools.

Company Info

Timely AS is a privately held software development company based in Oslo, Norway. It was founded in 2013 by Mathias Mikkelsen. His team is on a mission to completely change the concept of time tracking. In 2016, it received funding from 2 investors, and in 2017, it launched a completely redesigned version of the time tracking software.


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