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Organizations around the world are trying their best to cope with varying degrees of change. According to the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) 2020 Pulse report, whether it is small incremental change or a huge disruption, businesses, governments, and institutions cannot afford to remain stagnant. New technologies, evolving customer expectations, and greater demand for social accountability has ushered a time of extraordinary change called the Project Economy.

Change happening through projects and organizational leaders are not only examining the nature of work but also how work gets done. To manage change better, leaders need to improve project performance and value delivery. For organizations to thrive in the new Project Economy, they need to adopt ways to be more agile, have people with the right skills, and utilize technology such as the right project management software.

Benefits of project management software

Project management software enables teams to better collaborate so that team members know exactly who is responsible for what tasks. PM software clarifies roles and responsibilities so that coordination is faster without the runarounds. Moreover, visible plans and schedules are easy to update with Gantt charts and timelines, providing valuable information such as the next milestones, upcoming deadline, potential delays, or budget limit. With built-in reporting tools, users can communicate quickly to stakeholders or clients. Task management and file sharing tools help teams prioritize the most urgent work with all the important data required to complete them.

Project management software use cases

A use case is a description of how a system can be used by an end user. Project management software can be used to improve the collaboration among the employees of a global company with hundreds of departments and thousands of employees. It can enhance project visibility so that tasks, activities, and budgets are transparent, allowing teams to make better decisions. Centralized PM software helps standardize processes that improves efficiency of how work gets done. It’s used to organize work, track issues on various devices, and streamline onboarding.

Top 4 project management software


Backlog is an online project management software for development teams. A single platform allows developers to work with clients, designers, and other teams. Teams can track project progress with a Gantt chart for managing schedules and a Kanban board for viewing the work progress of team members. Developers can easily work with code alongside project work. Several premium plans are available that starts at $35 per month and can be paid by month or a discounted annual basis. A free plan is available for a single project with 10 users. A live demo can also be scheduled.

Backlog was used by a customer to solve the challenges of a growing project. As the project grew, the team was spending more time tracking progress, reporting progress, managing collaborators, getting information to stakeholders, and responding to inquiries. Email was an insufficient project communication tool. With Backlog, time spent on email decreased. Project progress became visible with Gantt charts and burndown charts. People joining in the middle of the project quickly get up to speed by submitting inquiries, accessing project data, and communicating with others on a single platform.

Backlog reviews is an online work and project management platform that promotes better teamwork. Teams can plan, track, and deliver projects within one workspace. It can be set up quickly with hundreds of customizable templates so that teams don’t need to start from scratch. Reduce manual, repetitive work with automation and see data visually with views such a a map, calendar, timeline, and board. Monday offers several plans starting at $8 per user per month that can be paid by month or a discounted annual plan. A 14-day free trial is also available. can be used a the central platform to manage the whole project lifecycle, from initiation to closure. The intuitive interface lets you set your project goals, add relevant stakeholders, and outline resources needed. Using a visual timeline, set the milestones, plan the schedules, and assign team members to tasks. During execution, prioritize tasks, establish ownership, and share updates as well as files and feedback with a built-in collaboration tool. Monitor all aspects of the project progress and reports on results. reviews


Asana is a work management software for managing teams, projects, and tasks. It helps organize work for a wide range of use cases so that teams have improved clarity and workflow on what to do, why do it, and how to get it done. Asana provides teams flexible ways to look at work with several views such as board, list, timeline, and calendar. Core PM tools include task management, subtasks, milestones, due dates and times, sections, and attachments. It also streamlines workflow with custom fields, forms, dependencies, rules for automation, approvals, and more. Asana offers several premium plans that start at $13.49 per month, with a 30-day trial period. A free plan for a small team is also available.

Asana was used by a creative and marketing company who was missing critical deadlines, unable to report on production progress and support the volume of work, and could not improve execution from previous campaigns. After using Asana, they were able to connect and coordinate their campaign calendar and production process. The PM software also provided the customizations to support different teams and workflows. Now, they were able to scale their production process to produce more work, collaborate more effectively without losing valuable information, and reduce onboarding time for new employees.

Asana reviews


Smartsheet is a work and project management software that helps teams cope with change with a unified solution for collaboration, workflows, and content management. Teams can manage projects effectively with the PM software’s intuitive spreadsheet interface, real-time updates, and collaboration tools. It offers multiple views of work, interactive timelines, document management and integration, automated workflows, tracking, dashboards, and reporting. Smartsheet offers a Standard plan for individuals and businesses that starts at $14 per month paid annually, and a direct quote Enterprise plan. All plans include multiple views, collaboration features, mobile access, and integration with other tools.

A company in the network technology industry used Smartsheet to improved collaboration and project visibility. With 50,000 employees around the world, they needed a platform where conversations and decisions are made visible to the rest of the organization. After replacing an existing PM software in use, Smartsheet was able to surface critical project information such as budgets. Time to make decisions around scope, budget, and timeline was dramatically shortened, and due dates became very clear for all. Notifications every time there is an update also helped to keep projects on track.

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