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Wrike Review for 2024


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The Wrike project management tool is a full-scale solution for automated workflow planning, data visualization, resource allocation, and more. It’s available as both a mobile and desktop app, accommodating both local and remote team members, and it’s a highly useful collaboration tool for both large and small teams.

Considering all of the functionality included in the Wrike app, it’s easily a top contender for the title of best project management software. Although there are some great Wrike alternatives available on the market today, few of them offer the combination of features, customer service, and affordability we found in Wrike.

What Does Wrike Do?

Designed to be a comprehensive system to fulfill all of your project planning and management needs, Wrike encompasses all of the standard features you’d expect from modern project management software.

This includes general project management, workflow automation, resource allocation, and collaboration. Additional tools, like informative dashboards and customizable elements, help you make the most of your Wrike experience.

Project management dashboards

Wrike’s built-in dashboards make it easy to track project progress, automatically prioritize tasks, and ensure visibility across your entire organization. Not only do they provide access to real-time data, but they’re easily customizable to track nearly any metric you need.

Dashboards are a standard feature in modern project management software, but Wrike’s project management dashboards are organized, intuitive, and customizable to meet the needs of your business plan.

Project and workflow automation

Repetitive and recurring tasks can cause productivity to come to a standstill. Instead of facing potential delays and missed deadlines, use Wrike to automate the task management process, and let your team focus on their most important responsibilities.

Resource and project planning

The Wrike project management tool features a built-in resource management platform that allows you to prioritize tasks, track progress, and optimize individual performance.

Collaborative proofing

Use Wrike’s online proofing platform to monitor the creative process and ensure all marketing collateral aligns with your organizational vision and brand standards. Not only can you automate the approval process, but you can manually compare different file versions side-by-side, making it easy to spot mistakes and recommend changes.

Requests and approvals

Standardize the request process and customize request forms to make sure you’re receiving all the necessary information at once. Not only does this make it easy to approve or deny requests, but it also lets you anticipate the resources needed for the new project or campaign. To automate the process, Wrike’s dynamic request forms can create tasks and projects to streamline the project planning process.


It can be tough to maintain visibility when you’re juggling multiple projects or campaigns. With Wrike’s cross-tagging feature, you can use tags to earmark any task, subtask, folder, milestone, phase, or project for your team.


The Wrike project and work management platform is also highly customizable. Project dashboards can be customized to display the exact data you need, automated processes can be customized with timely alerts and notifications, and Wrike’s resource management templates are fully customizable to meet your project needs.


While Wrike is designed to eliminate the need for separate planning, tracking, calendaring, and collaboration applications, at some point in any project’s career, ypu’ll need to work with systems outside your team’s Wrike instance. Wrike’s got you covered, with more than 400 apps it can integrate with, including Salesforce, Slack, GitHub, Tableau, and hundreds more.

How Does Wrike Make Project Management Easier?

Wrike simplifies the typical project management process in numerous ways. Novice project managers can benefit immensely from the brand’s free online learning portal, Wrike Discover, and experienced project managers can still learn a thing or two from the extensive Wrike community.

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