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Teamwox Software: Overview – Features – Pricing

Overview Presentation

Teamwox.com is a highly efficient management tool that incorporates task assignment, document storage, CRM, IP calling and telephony, and combines service desks all on a cloud-based infrastructure. Deployed in less than two minutes, the system satisfies the need for expensive software and hardware, and an expensive IT department to back everything up.

Features, Benefits and Strengths

Task Manager – Giving orders and assigning tasks via different media, like e-mail and telephones, is inefficient, so TeamWox’s Groupware combines informative news feeds and quick communication to speed up the work process. The software keeps track of progress and employee communication to record and analyze performance. The succinct reports are a valuable management tool. Communication and workflow are both measured in real time, thus providing reliable and accurate information for decision-making purposes.

Efficient Document Management, a.k.a. DocFlowTeamWox processes huge amounts of documentation daily and decreases the time needed to prepare the final version of a document. It reduces bureaucracy and red tape, and effectively merges numerous versions of documents into a single, coherent document. The clear document structure, easy upload and huge accessibility make it a versatile and adaptable program.

A Consistent Customer Relationship Policy – The software removes duplicate processes across the organization and enables the sales department and the accounting department to work closely together. It creates a client database so that employees can always access a client’s profile and deal with him carefully and consistently. TeamWox further enables customer analysis for the purpose of finding and working with the most profitable customers. This PR policy can even be applied to the employees to create a pleasant workspace.


The free version can include up to 10 users with unlimited updates and annual subscriptions, while the support is via the group’s forums. The standard version for 25 users is $3,400 with an annual subscription of $675, and for 50 users is $6,700 and $1,350 respectively. The SaaS version is $15 per employee per month.

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Target Market

TeamWox is perfect for small organizations (<10 users) as well as those who have to communicate a lot. It is ideal for project-oriented businesses where every employee’s opinion is extremely important. By keeping accurate records, the software reduces admin costs and time spent on clerical tasks. Executives will also find its reports and analysis quite useful.

Supported Languages

The software is currently available in English, Russian, German, Spanish, French, Chinese, Arabic and Greek, but can be easily self-translated.

Some of Their Clients

The TeamWox software has been used around the world in countries like Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Colombia, Cyrpus, Egypt, Estonia, Georgia, Germany, India, Indonesia, Iran, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania.


“This is really cool solution with suitable interface and powerful functionality. And it’s performance speed is worth special mention – it’s hardly slower than optimized Google ajax applications. ” Live Enterprise

“The entire service is very well organized, and streamlining all of these disparate functions into an all-inclusive piece of software is undeniably useful, especially when trying to track down all relevant correspondence and materials about a certain project. ” ChipChick

“TeamWox seems well thought-out and a great choice for small to medium-sized companies. Its consolidation of numerous communications, administrative and financial business functions can help streamline work operations, reducing waste and wasted time. ” TECHi

“TeamWox does a fantastic job managing and consolidating your customer’s information, and its collaborative capabilities are impressive. ” TopTens

Why TeamWox?

Combining wonderful tools for customer relations alongside customer management infrastructure, TeamWox is a worthwhile investment that will improve productivity and decrease company costs. It will simplify communication procedures and document creation. By combining everything into one platform and creating a number of databases, the software enables access from different devices.

Company Info

Founded in 2000 as a software developer, MetaQuotes Software has developed four collaboration platforms. Its software is used in 450 brokerage companies, while its trading terminals are the basis for an annual trading challenge. Since 2005 it has worked in the collaboration software market, creating TeamWox Groupware to address collaboration needs.

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