Simplessus Projects – Software Review


Simplessus Projects is an innovative web-based project management system that is available as a SaaS module and also as an independent application that can be installed on a standalone server. Simplessus Projects can be used on different types of mobile devices including Android-based devices, iPhone, and Windows-based devices.

The product is offered in three versions: economy, business, and premium. The system is a cost-effective solution for businesses who want to explore the advantages and efficiency presented by a project management system.

Product Strengths, Features, and Benefits

  • Easy to use: The main striking characteristic of Simplessus Projects is its simplicity that delivers optimum efficiency. All components and functionality are organized in a systematic manner that allows even a novice to explore and learn about different functions in the shortest time. The cockpit, which is also the start up screen after logging into the system, presents the user with all information such as current projects and tasks, deadlines, reports, messages, and much more in single window.

  • High customization: Simplessus Projects can be customized to suit your business requirements. For example, the cockpit can have different profiles, such as marketing and personnel, where activities and status of all projects related to a specific department are listed. Administrator can assign different user-level access permissions for records in the database. Simplessus Projects also allows you to create user groups as per requirement that simplifies project management and helps improve efficiency of your employees.
  • Efficient task management: The system allows you to distribute and co-ordinate complex projects in an easy manner. It keeps you updated about status and progress of every individual project assigned to an individual or user group. You can tag comments or descriptions for every task/project assigned and also set a completion date and target hours within which each task should get completed. The task management feature also presents you with tools to measure performance metrics of each user group and individual through variables such as actual work hours required to complete the project.

  • Customized and detailed reporting: You can create your own reports or choose between predefined report formats available. The system allows you to create complex reports for different projects without requiring you to have technical knowledge of analysis. The system can generate simple list reports, pie charts, and bar charts using the variables entered.
  • Financial planning: Financial planning is one of the important characteristics of Simplessus Projects. Every business is required to decide on allocation of funds and resources prior commencement of a project. It is also necessary for businesses to keep track of fund spending and utilization of resources to ensure they are within predefined limits. The financial planning feature in Simplessus Projects allows you to keep track of resources and funds utilized for the project at different stages. This helps in keeping the costs under control and maintains the economic viability of the project. The system also presents a combined view of total cost and revenue for every month in a simple list format and line graph format.

Final Word

Simplessus Projects is an advanced project management solution that can help a business make the best use of their available resources to ensure that all projects are completed on schedule. Ideal for all types of businesses irrespective of their size and their target markets.

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