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ProMablocks is a downloadable, HTML-based interface with links to Excel-based project management tools. It runs on the Windows platform and is based on the PMBOK standard methodology. The software also has links to online service features that the ProMablocks site offers. It basically offers a central interface that has an offline project management component and online help and social meeting services.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Free and Familiar – ProMablocks is available for free. It is downloadable and therefore provides the user complete control of his/her data. Also, users can work offline. The HTML-based interface has links to Excel-based tools on the right side of the menu and follows a standard PM methodology that is applicable to all types of projects.
  • Offline and Online Components ‚Äì Users can work offline using PM tools and templates to manage the data and information of their projects. Project data is stored wherever the downloaded data package of the software is unpacked. It also provides access through links to online services such as blog, forums and meeting room. Online meeting rooms have a timer, allows screen sharing, chat and options to invite others. It is powered by

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ProMablocks is free. Users can download the software without having to sign up, register or provide any personal data.

Target Market

ProMablocks is for freelancers, consultants and SMBs who prefer installed PM software running on Windows platform.

Supported Language


Why ProMablocks

ProMablocks is a free alternative option with an HTML-based interface and Excel tools and templates. Users who need a PM tool that follows a standard methodology but also prefers to keep data localized in one’s computer can try this software. The software can be downloaded without the need to sign up and provide any personal information, so there is less chance for any privacy issues.

Company/Developer Info

Stefan de Vries is the curator of ProMablocks. He is a PM specialist with expertise in the automotive safety industry. The software runs in the Windows platform. Version 1.0 was released in October 2015. It contains a basic set of PM tools and templates. Version 1.1 is a 3.5 Mb file that was released on February 9, 2016 with improvements in the visibility of text fields on the welcome sheet and visualization in IE 10 and earlier versions. Although the software was developed to run on Windows, an HTML file and its links can be opened by any browser running on any OS. Also, other office suites capable of properly opening .XLSX files can also open and use the templates, though this is not mentioned or recommended by the developer.

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