ProjectFlow Software Review: Overview – Features – Pricing

Overview Presentation

project-flow-logoProjectFlow is a drag-and-drop web application that enables the users to check all aspects of projects they are working on. It is a multi -platform project management and tracking software that helps individuals, enterprises and companies to handle their projects to maximum potential. This software is most suitable for enterprises and large businesses because they have to manage multiple projects from many clients. ProjectFlow is very helpful for company employees because it has the ability to create categories and prioritize the projects. Its friendly view enables the users to easily organize and visualize the projects.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Easy Project Tracking – Users can easily track their projects on which they are working, because it is designed in such a way that it provides user-friendly experience. It is very easy to organize and visualize the projects which are marked as work in progress. Columns can be introduced in this software to separate the projects with respect to categories. Adblock feature is also integrated in this software in order to block spammy ads. Different tabs and sections are integrated in this application such as Proposed, Planning, Designing, Development, and Post Launch. It is very helpful for users to prioritize the projects with respect to their importance.
  • Communication Tools, File and Boards Sharing – ProjectFlow is one of the best project management and tracking tool because it also works and serves as a communication tool. It can keep the project members on the same page and also update them on a regular basis, no matter what the location is. In this way, users can share their project files among them, so it’s a plus point of ProjectFlow over other project management software. Board sharing and multiple board features are also integrated in the latest version which allow the users to share the project files with other members.
  • Notes and Date Fields – Notes and date field features will be launched soon because these features are in testing phases. In this features, users can edit their project details according to their needs i.e. project name, client name, project members, project notes and due date.

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ProjectFlow is one of best and most favorable software among all entrepreneurs because it is affordable. Initially, premium version will be given to all users for free for a period of two weeks. After that they can change their plans according to their needs. Starter Plan costs $10 per month (5 active boards) while Premium Plan costs $80 per month (100 active boards).


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Target Market

ProjectFlow is an ideal software for online retailers, web designing firms, printing companies, academic institutions, real estate professionals, large corporate teams and governmental agencies. Users of this web app use it to visualize the project progress, sales leads, plan internal initiatives, track customer orders and much more.

Supported Languages

ProjectFlow supports English as default language.

Some of their Clients

ProjectFlow clients includes Sawaya Consulting, Clarence Lee Design and Associates and many individual freelancers.

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Amber Sawaya, designer and partner at Sawaya Consulting reveals that this software is awesome because it fulfills all their business needs. She is completely satisfied with this web app.

According to Laron Miyashiro, Art Director from Clarence Lee Design and Associates said that ProjectFlow brought a big change in their business life. The customizability and ease-of-use were major plus points for him.

Ayla, a freelance graphic designer found this app so useful that she is definitely going to use this software for upcoming projects.

Why ProjectFlow

It should be the first choice of project managers because ProjectFlow helps the individuals, small businesses and enterprises in order to get bird’s eye view and a clear picture of the all the projects which are running under the umbrella of work in progress. It has user friendly drag and drop interface allowing users to track their projects within minutes.

Company Info

ProjectFlow web application is developed by Barrel Company. It is an interactive agency which is composed of a tight-knit team of developers, designers and strategist. They are operating their agency from New York City. They are renowned for developing delightful and effective user experience with their clients.

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