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The continuing expansion of the internet creates the innovating force that drives web development technologies. Simple websites and static pages are now rare to see as individuals and organizations make the most of a platform with billions of devices connected to it. Scripting languages and modern frameworks resulted in dynamic websites, web database applications, AI-powered bots, progressive web apps, and cloud services.

Web technology today provides more flexible options for businesses. For instance, companies can build their own custom project management system from scratch using an online database builder. This is possible with corresponding financial, time, and manpower investments. Or they can take cloud-based turnkey solutions offered by SaaS providers like, Asana, or Smartsheet and implement a customizable PM system as quickly as possible.

The top online database app builders

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Users and organizations can choose from ready-to-use cloud-based software to support their business. However, companies with unique requirements prefer to use database builders that give them greater flexibility and control. Below are our favorite online database app builders that provide dependable core functions as well as flexible technical platforms for the best combination possible.

1. Zoho Creator (Part of Zoho CRM)

Zoho Creator LogoZoho Creator is among the online application solutions offered by Zoho Corporation. It is a low-code platform that allows users to easily build custom applications without the need for a developer or extensive programming knowledge. The online database builder uses drag-and-drop action and rules-based logic. It gets data from different sources and keeps users’ data in one central place. Zoho allows you to build a variety of apps including project monitoring, project plans, and tasks. The software is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

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2. Node14

Aside from the many DIY-focused database builders, many people find it most efficient to partner with a company that can consult with them to build the software best suited for their needs. Node14 specializes in custom solutions, and its team of experts is well versed in building bespoke databases without the slow speeds and high cost of other options. Move away from disorganized and under-featured spreadsheets, and streamline your operations by partnering with Node14. They offer free consultations to discuss if Node14’s software and services will be a good fit for your business.

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3. Knack

Knack is an easy-to-use database builder that provides users the tools to solve business problems. They can build apps in simple steps that include defining the database, building the interface, and sharing the data. From its experience in helping companies build online databases and web applications, it has recognized similar requirement patterns. So they’ve created the building blocks of the applications for these requirements. Examples of web database applications made with the software are store locators, job portals, and project management apps.

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Why build an online database application for project management?

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There are hundreds of project management systems available for businesses of all sizes. So why go through the daunting process of building your custom PM solution with an online database? Every company is unique. It has its own way of dealing with customers, its own types of data, its own process of task assignment and completion, time entry, project methodology, costing, resource management, or project delivery. Building your application around your data and process increases the rate of success compared to trying to fit all your data into an existing application. An online database is a durable, accessible, and secure form of digital storage.

What you need to know to build your project management tool

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Teams use project management standards to make sure they cover all their bases, but project complexity can range from simple to extreme. So, a project management tool will include features to cover the stages of project initiation, planning, execution, control and monitoring, and closing, but also will vary depending on factors like team size, the number of tasks, duration, and budget. At the minimum, a web database application for project management will allow team members to view their tasks, update their statuses, and enter time spent. The tool will also allo the project manager to add, view, and edit a list of tasks, milestones, costs, hours, and resources and create reports.

Important project management functionality include:

  • Project planning and sequencing
  • Work break down
  • Scheduling
  • Task management
  • Resource management
  • Budgeting and cost tracking
  • Time tracking

How should your PM database look

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To create your custom project management tool, your online database builder will provide you with the tools and space to create tables that will hold your data. For every project, you need to enter information about your customer or client, their contact details, project details, milestones, tasks, hours spent per task, cost per task, and user details. Since you will be tracking project items, you need to create tables that will describe or hold the different status of a project, a milestone, and a task. Additionally, you need to plan a database schema or how specific records in one table connect to another table to create relationships and proper referencing.

Building your online database application

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After completing your database schema, use your online database application builder to create your tables. Depending on the software you choose, you can do this one table at a time. Some will allow you to import your tables and data on a spreadsheet or migrate them from a desktop database program. You can also check if the database builder has prebuilt PM database templates that you can customize. After creating your tables, build the web pages that will allow you to enter data (forms) or display them (dashboards, calendars, or reports).

Ready to use an online database app builder?

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Online database app builders help teams and companies build their own custom web database applications, such as a project management tool. Each solution with its set of features can provide benefits depending on user requirements. Our featured database builders have features and tools that make them the ideal solution depending on a user or its requirements.

However, all of them require a series of manual processes where you invest a significant amount of time, cost, and effort to get exactly what you want. On the other hand, cloud-based project management solutions such as Smartsheet, Asana, or have all the database tables you will need with regular updates of features. They also come with customizable dashboards, statuses, fields, and reports that give you flexibility and availability as you need them.

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