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Overview Presentation

Planzone is a cloud-based collaborative project management software for business teams. It is a modern work platform that offers a central and secure space accessible to Internet-connected co-workers and partners wherever their location may be. Teams are able to plan and track changes to their projects in real-time, so that everyone is up-to-date. It provides a more efficient communication and collaboration tool than email, keeping work organized and within context.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Task and Project Management ‚Äì Planzone project management software enables users to create and assign tasks, specify start dates, end dates, number of hours, and define milestones. Users are able to create task lists, attach documents and comments, and organize them by different categories. They can plan and track easily with a drag-and-drop Gantt chart that automatically updates. It also supports dependencies, constraints and multiple projects in one view. Other features include a dashboard that provides a summarized overview of important project, personal and team information. Users can use models and ready-to-use templates to start projects quickly.
  • Online Collaboration ‚Äì The collaborative platform allows users to post online discussions that are historically organized and kept. These can be attached directly to tasks, documents, events and milestones. They can easily be searched by keyword and sorted by date or name, or filtered by user. Users can receive notifications when change occurs. A shared calendar with either a week or month view provides quick visual information of tasks, milestones and events. It can be shared to internal and external partners. The calendar also syncs with other calendar applications.
  • Resources and Document Management, Timesheets, Integrations and more ‚Äì Planzone enables users to track the workload of their team to avoid too little work allocation or work overload. Users are also able to save and organize their project documents in folders that are easy to search and always provides the latest version. Sharing knowledge and storing information is easy with a Wiki space. Other features include timesheet to help project managers evaluate time spent, detailed reporting, custom reports, and export to Excel. It works across devices and browsers, as well as other apps such Google Drive. An administration module enables the setting up of users and their roles simple, as well as security and privacy settings.


Planzone offers several premium plans that include different sets of number of users, projects, online storage and support. Features are mostly the same across the plans. For example, the Basic plan at 25 euros per user per month on an annual subscription includes for 5 users, 5 projects, 5 GB of storage and standard support. On the other hand, the Enterprise plan at 16 euros per user per month paid annually includes for 100 users, 100 projects, 100 GB of storage, and phone and email support. A 14-day free trial period is available.

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Target Market

Planzone is for teams and companies that manage business by projects. The comprehensive set of features allow it to be applicable and relevant across functions and industries.

Supported Languages

Supports Dutch, German, French, English and Russian.

Some of their Clients

Clients include CAF, Chronopost International, Orange Telecom, Segula Technologies, SNCF, Puressentiel, Generali Group, and La Roche-Posay.


Project manager at [email protected] described Planzone as a powerful but easy-to-use tool. His teams are able to use it easily because of its intuitive interface.

Associate director at Wellness Training stated that their employees were able to find out clearly what they should be doing. Thus, they were able to complete their assigned work.

Web manager at EssenceDesign observed that with Planzone, his employees communicate more easily among themselves and with the clients.

Why Planzone

Planzone is an effective project management tool, especially in managing task lists, messages, files, and schedules among internal teams and external partners, more than basic and outdated desktop tools. Its combination of features and smart design enable users to spend less time managing project information and more time working on actual projects.

Company Info

Planzone is a product and service offered by Augeo Software SAS, a privately held software vendor with headquarters in The Netherlands, and offices in France, Germany and Canada. Augeo has been specializing in solutions for project and portfolio management since its inception in 1991. The company designed Planzone in Paris and launched it in 2008. It brings in to the product its expertise in project management but also integrating new Web technologies. Augeo created a simple but powerful tool that leverages real-time collaboration, structured business information and online networking.

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