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planiro logoOverview Presentation

Planiro is a web-based project collaboration and task management application. It is an effective way to manage tasks and projects through an affordable monthly subscription. It is flexible for the needs of startups as well as large organizations. It is designed and developed using the latest web technologies so users can access their data anywhere in a secure manner.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Time and Task Tracking ‚Äì Planiro is an effective platform that enables users to stay in control of projects, tasks and resources. It has trackers for tasks and time, an easy-to-use calendar, and statistics and reporting features to view and review team efficiency. The task tracker can be customized to suit the particular requirements of each project. Users can divide big projects into smaller tasks and track them easily.
  • Centralized Activity and Priority View ‚Äì This project collaboration and task management application provides users the needed focus with its intuitive interface. The My Tasks and My Events present to the user what the important things that need to be accomplished for the day in a single view through the application of filters. Project managers and team leaders are always aware of what the team is doing and how work is progressing.
  • Email Integration, Cloud Storage and Mobile Access ‚Äì Planiro project and task management application is built for collaboration. Users can comment directly and in real-time to a discussion. They can also simply reply to a notification email and their reply appears and remain included in the discussion. All important project files can be stored in the online space for easy reference. Easy access can be made using smartphones and tablets because the application is optimized for mobile access.
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Planiro offers several monthly plans depending on the number of collaborators or users. The plan starts at $7 per month for 3 collaborators. This plan includes for 3 active projects and 1 GB storage. The higher plans allows for more collaborations and additional features as well such as status flow and invoicing. They offer a free 30-day trial period. Users can change plans at any time. planiro pricing

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Target Market

Planiro web-based project collaboration and task management application is for teams of all sizes in any industry. It is ideal for business owners, project managers, and team leaders in tracking multiple projects, time, tasks and resources.

Supported Languages

English and Russian

Some of their Clients

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Planiro was launched recently and no testimonials are available yet.

Why Planiro

Applications that were designed and used by its own developers to solve their own real problems (or, as they say, to scratch their own itch) as they manage their business have an advantage over products that were built simply to cater to a market demand. Planiro is an application used by its own company that helped them be efficient in the way they do their business and be effective in how they collaborate with their team. And it works great whether for small personal plans or big corporate goals.

Company Info

Planiro is a product/service of Droid Labs, LLC, a privately held software development company with office in Kazan, Russia. The company was founded in 2011 and is led by CEO Iskander Haziev. They designed and developed an application called Workmate for their own collaboration platform needs. It eventually became a full-featured PM tool that they launched as Planiro in 2014. The company continues to offer high quality services in web development, maintenance and testing with its expertise in Web 2.0 technologies and strong experience in Ruby on Rails, Jquery, HTML5, CSS and Amazon Web Services. Take me to their Website

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