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Monday is a visual work management software that enables teams to plan, organize, and track work in a single, flexible platform. It is quick to set up and easy to use for a wide range of users like software development, marketing, sales, HR, IT, and business operations employees. Features like task management, project tracking, and automation allow teams to achieve increased efficiency and productivity. But interested users often wonder: Does have time tracking features?

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Why Is Time Tracking Important?

Teams and companies use for project management and other business operations. Different teams capture the time spent on tasks, activities, and work phases, so they can look back at data through time reports to see actual values, compare to planned values, and determine where they can make improvements. time tracking is available for users on the Pro and Enterprise plans. Teams have the ability to track time by adding a time tracking column that will measure each work item, group, or board. They can also see the time details of each item in the Activity Log. monday time tracking lets users choose to display time up to the second, manually edit time interval entries, track the time of subtasks, perform calculations within the time tracking column, and export time data to Excel.

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Benefits of Project Time Tracking in

Time tracking is a software functionality that accurately measures the amount of time spent on a certain work item or task. It has many uses for payroll, invoicing, billing, and project management. Individual task tracking involves measuring the time a user spends on a particular task. Team tracking involves measuring the total time a team spends on all their tasks. Project tracking involves measuring the total time a team spends on all the identified tasks within a whole project.

When time tracking is automatic and built into the project management application, it provides several benefits:

  • Speeds up time entry
  • Improves accuracy of timesheets
  • Generates time reports in real time
  • Streamlines the billing and invoicing process
  • Provides data to improve resource allocation and process improvement

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Top Time Tracking Integrations

Users can avail themselves of time tracking functionality when they subscribe to Pro and Enterprise plans — which are at the higher end of the software’s pricing tiers. For users in other plans, time tracking in monday is also accessible via integration and browser-based extensions. Here is a list of time tracking apps that work with


HarvestHarvest is an easy time tracking application with invoicing features. directly integrates with Harvest, so users can track time and expenses, monitor total team time, and build time-based reports. Users can monitor the status of a project as well as receive payments by sharing invoices directly with their clients.

Direct integration of Harvest involves only a few steps. Users click on the integration button in, and then select from the choice of apps that are available to integrate directly. After choosing Harvest, users select from the available automation recipes the integration offers. Then they connect the two accounts, authenticate the Harvest account with login credentials, and set up automation by filling in the fields from the Harvest account.

Toggl Track

Toggl TrackToggl Track is a time tracking software for individuals and businesses. It also has direct integration with that allows users to track time-based tasks and projects. Toggl Track offers flexible ways for tracking time, either using automated timers or simple manual entries. It also has reporting features to help users analyze productivity based on time entries recorded.

The Toggl Track integration from includes clicking the integration button, selecting the Toggl Track app, and choosing from the available automation recipes. Users can choose to automatically create a time entry, a project, or an item. They complete the connection of the two accounts by adding the API token from the profile settings of the Toggl account.


tmetric logoTMetric is a time tracking software that offers a basic free plan and advanced premium plans. It is an app available from the Apps Marketplace with features for time tracking, screenshot capturing, a time-off calendar, payroll, billing, and invoicing. The feature-rich application helps users streamline business processes to improve teamwork, increase customer satisfaction, and improve profits. Aside from time management, other features from TMetric include reporting, budgeting, team management, and attendance management.

TMetric integration involves a few steps to enable teams to track time on monday tasks. First, users need to create and sign up for a TMetric account. Then, they install a browser extension available for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, and Safari browsers. Afterwards, users log into their account, where they can now see a TMetric timer button on their tasks.


timely logoTimely automatically tracks time in web and desktop apps without manual interruption or timer buttons. It can track time by capturing work activity automatically in the background. Timely can also track projects to monitor budgets, hours, and activities, as well as tracking whole teams to get an overview of the team’s time and performance. It has flexible options for tracking time and native integrations with many productivity tools — including

Users need to download Timely‘s Memory app to track time in automatically. They just download the app and schedule when they want to turn on and off the app each day. All the time spent will appear on a private daily timeline inside the time tracking software. It provides simple time reporting with a chart builder that can help users analyze their day-to-day activities.


timecamp logoTimeCamp is a free automated time tracking software useful for project management. It helps teams optimize their workflow and keep their projects within budget. TimeCamp has full automation features that extend to integrated work applications like It also has ready-to-use time reports, as well as custom-built reports users can share or email in PDF or Excel formats.

Integration of TimeCamp with is easy through browser plugins for Chrome and Edge. With the plugin, users can track time directly in with the addition of a simple button in its interface. Users need to create a TimeCamp account, log in, and go to the Integrations tab under Settings. They also need to open their account, copy their Personal API Token, paste it on TimeCamp’s integration page, and click the “enable integration” button.

Time Doctor

Time DoctorTime Doctor is an employee time tracking and monitoring software. It provides managers employee data to measure and analyze how teams spend their time. Time Doctor also provides individual employees input on the times they are overwhelmed or underutilized. Its time tracking features can track time spent on each work item, breaking it down by client, project, and task. Other features include detailed reports, a work-life balance indicator, web and app usage, time use alerts, employee controls, and integrations.

Time Doctor adds time tracking functionality regardless of a user’s subscribed plan. Through its Chrome extension and native desktop apps, Time Doctor embeds itself on’s interface; users can click on timer buttons to start logging time without having to switch apps.


ClockifyClockify is a free time tracker and timesheet app that lets users track their work hours across projects. Clockify time management features include timekeeping, reporting, and management. Teams can use timers, log manually in timesheets, or manage time entries using a calendar. Users can also generate reports with breakdown by project, use filters and customization, and export in PDF, CSV, or Excel formats.

Clockify integrates with through its browser extensions available for Chrome and Firefox. After creating a Clockify account and downloading the extension for a specific browser, users can start tracking time inside with a timer button that appears in every task. Also, users can go to Clockify’s web app to run reports, edit time entries, analyze time, review timesheets, and invite others for collaboration.


monitask logoMonitask is an employee monitoring software with time tracking features for remote teams. In addition to time tracking, it offers screenshot viewing, project and task tracking, and reporting tools. Monitask is simple to use and applicable for different users. Project managers can use it to keep tasks on track. Clients can negotiate with their service providers for better time and price quotes. Service providers can bill and invoice easily, while employees can also view statistics and get a clear picture of time spent.

To integrate Monitask with, users need to create a Monitask account. The next step is to invite employees and remote workers from the dashboard. Team members then download the time tracking app and start using it to track the time they spend while working on Monitask stores and encrypts time tracking information and screenshots.

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Ready to Try a Time Tracking App? provides users several ways to track the time spent on tasks and projects. Users can upgrade to plans with built-in time tracking or explore options from third-party providers using integrations, browser extensions, and apps. Overall, time tracking is an essential component for successfully managing projects, as it provides the visibility of team activities, performance, and progress.

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