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LoTops for 2023

LoTopsLoTops is an easy-to-use collaboration and project management software solution for teams. It enables users in businesses and organizations to simplify communication and work collaboration among the team and its stakeholders with a highly accessible and central location of all the information needed to create a single source of truth for the project. Teams can create, view, and update plans, schedules, documents, and other work assets using a single work platform where they can communicate and clarify within the context of work.

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LoTops : Features and Strengths

Task and Project Management

LoTops allows users to break work into more manageable items. Users can create, add, and assign tasks from a task list. They can create separate lists and arrange work according to different project stages. Each user can easily view their assignments from a My Tasks view. A Kanban board provides a visual way to see tasks and progress.

Teams can set project milestones with deadlines and priorities. The software also has a calendar to view projects, events, and deadlines effortlessly. Each team and project can have a separate calendar for clarity. All the tools in a single platform allows users to manage project portfolios and roadmaps.

Team Communication and Collaboration

Project managers can easily post and manage project-related communications with LoTops Messages. They can post announcements, updates, questions, and comments company-wide to keep everyone updated in an organized manner. Teams can communicate in real time with a built-in chat tool with different chats that they can categorize for each project. For 1-to-1 messaging, @mentions is a direct way to send noticeable messages.

Users can attach files in their chat messages and comments for a fast and effective way of collaboration. A centralized files management view makes it easy to find and view all important files and documents. Users can restrict access to these files, and the software helps manage versions so users always get the latest one.


Notifications, Client Invites, Mobile Apps, and More

LoTops alerts users with notifications that they can customize for chat comments and direct messages received. The Pulse feature presents updates about every activity on a dashboard for quick and convenient monitoring. Users can send invites to clients and external partners for secure collaboration, allowing them to see progress and provide instant feedback.

The Backpack feature is a personal organization tool for quickly finding task, files, and other user-specific items. Native mobile apps for iOS and Android devices are also available to allow team members view messages, access files, and update tasks from anywhere. Users can also keep their repository clean and clutter-free with archive and trash folders.


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LoTops Pricing

LoTops pricing is available in one simple, all-inclusive plan. Users can choose to pay $30 monthly or $27 per month paid annually. It includes unlimited users, unlimited projects, and all available features, including storage up to 500GB, remote collaboration tools, Kanban boards, project portfolio management, and remote team management. A 14-day free trial is available. A free plan is also offered for 3 users or fewer.

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Who Uses LoTops?

LoTops is an ideal collaboration and project management software for remote work and hybrid teams. It is for marketing consultants, creatives, graphic designers, freelancers, marketing agencies, design agencies, creative agencies, ad agencies, and enterprise marketing teams.

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LoTops Supported Language

LoTops supports English only at the moment.


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Case Studies

Lisa Hall stated that previously, her team was using 4 to 5 different tools to keep projects organized. But this system was more stressful and less sustainable as the company grew. Thankfully, LoTops enables the team to replace this problematic system. The single solution has also significantly reduced the stress in keeping work organized.

Mark Wright finds LoTop’s Kanban board a very effective tool to provide clear visualization of project progress. It now seems impossible for him to manage projects without it. Mark’s team also is able to let their clients see the Kanban boards. The clients are happy and impressed to be able to see the project’s progress as well.

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Why Choose LoTops?

LoTops is an affordable work management and team collaboration solution that provides just the right features for teams managing client work. It helps simplify communication, file management, and task delegation to allow many remote workers complete projects within schedule regardless of their location.

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Company Info

LoTops is a private software company based in Austin, TX. It was founded in 2019 by Adam Levy, the owner of Magnet Solutions Group, a provider of IT services in Austin.


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