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ITM Platform is a cloud-based project management software that can help companies of all sizes meet their business, organization and communication needs with the help of technology. It is a better alternative to using spreadsheets and email as it is a comprehensive solution that provides many features to manage projects, programs and portfolios in an always accessible centralized location. It is also a cost-effective solution because it is deployed as a scalable software-as-a-service that does not require huge initial investments but is flexible to meet changing workload requirements.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Comprehensive project management and Goals alignment ITM Platform project management software provides a complete solution with features such as an advanced Gantt chart editor for project planning, oversight and monitoring. It can also import MS Project files. Each project task has a datasheet that includes task objectives that can be shared with the entire team. Effort estimation can be performed for each team member. It has tools for monitoring, risk management and earned value management. Projects can be easily aligned with goals with organizational structure, business process, business objectives and return on investment features.
  • Team and Integrated Service management – This cloud-based project management application enables users to manage their teams easily by adding members then configuring each one to a specific role and assigning them to a project or task. Each member will have all the needed information to complete their tasks and collaborate on a project. Communication is hosted within the application that does not require users to use their emails and send countless and confusing messages. It has a familiar social-type format that contains history of previous messages and can broadcast a message to a group or privately to an individual. It is a multi-language application where users can configure their preferred language by themselves. Administrators can customize further parameters to fit company needs and criteria. It also has integrated service management that includes full description of the service, its activities, a defined service team, dedication estimate and imputation of hours worked by each resource. It also a native Android app.
  • Programs and Portfolio management – ITM Platform has program management features to help users evaluate, select and oversee projects and services. Based on a chosen method, the software can automatically suggest priorities so users can take the right decisions and get immediate feedback. The interface allows them to select the right business objective to apply to programs. They can also extend scenario maintenance analysis, compare and prioritize objectives and components. The portfolio view provides information on projects, services and programs at a glance. It can perform analysis of financial status, progress and budget status in multi-currency. Monitoring processes reveals the general health of the portfolio, which can be viewed from a portfolio dashboard as well as in a Gantt chart view.

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ITM Platform computes its pricing depending on the type of license that performs a specific role. It has an online calculator that computes the total cost of the team as well as the billing period, whether paid monthly, or 3, 6, 12 months with its corresponding discounts for advanced payment. The type of licenses are full access, project manager, team member, and project guest. Below is a sample computation for a team of 10 comprised of different roles.

itm platform pricing

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Target Market

ITM Platform is ideal for commercial companies of all sizes, from startups, SMBs to large firms, and also for consultants, institutions, NGOs and government agencies, depending on the type of solution needed, such as Projects & Teamwork or with Programs & Portfolio.

Supported Languages

Multi-language, but does not specify which languages. UI screens will be presented with the preferred language all throughout the platform.

Some of their Clients

Clients include Repsol,, Berge, Kite Invest, Racional, Grupo SM, Lafarge, and Senoble.

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Edward Martinez described it as a great tool, very easy to use and intuitive.

Paul Auction stated that it is a good solution with a great price and amazing support.

Why ITM Platform

ITM Platform is a great alternative to those who are using outdated spreadsheets for planning and email as the main communication channel. It can also replace multiple applications because of its comprehensive features, providing instead an integrated end-to-end business tool that is affordable, scalable and great for distributed teams.

Company Info

ITM Platform is a product of IT Governance and Management S.L., a privately held IT and services company based in Madrid, Spain. It was founded in 2010 by Daniel Piret, CEO. The company works with global partners, many of which are in South America as well as in Spain and the US who are certified experts in the field of project management and in using the features of ITM Platform to provide a complete solution.

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