Hydra PPM Software Review: Overview – Features – Pricing

Overview Presentation

hydar-ppm-logoHydra PPM emphasizes on an organization’s resources as it features resource allocation management for effective project, program, and portfolio management. Equipped with a user-friendly interface and a notification system equipped with real-time channels such as email and text alerts, Hydra PPM promises 10 percent increase in efficiency for a business within 12 months.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Resource Strategic Portfolio Management & Reporting – Hydra PPM is designed for multiple projects. Its capability is designed to streamline project and portfolio directing, while assuring that the key details are not overlooked. Portfolio directors are provided with interface capabilities of micro to macro level perspective presentation of individual projects to the entire program. For project and program analysis, Hydra PPM is equipped with an interface that allows an effective presentation of project data, timesheet status, and historical data. Since report analysis considers personal preference on how reports are presented, Hydra PPM offers an interface based on parameters, charts, filters, and searches and choice in graphical presentation.
  • Capacity Modelling & Resource Planning – Hydra PPM basically presents existing workload status of each department to assure that new projects consider a resource’s capability. Hydra PPM is equipped with presentation reports crafted to suits approval and review needs. Live tracking is featured in Hydra PPM where the users are provided with an interface to allow setting of baselines for progress monitoring and evaluation. Impact analysis is a key feature that lets the project manager to test a resource’s diversion, if such diversion will result in an appropriate outcome. With such capability, resource profiling is very useful.
  • Realistic Project Planning & Management – For convenience, Hydra PPM provides templates. Furthermore, resource requirements are managed via task structure, key milestones, and logical relationship diagrams. Hydra PPM recognizes resources capabilities, hence the software offers an interface that allows viewing and modelling. Since projects and program plans do not go as planned because of external factors that are beyond the control of the organization, Hydra PPM also offers scenario management which involves modeling of possible scenarios with the input of the project manager.

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Software integration varies depending on the needs and size of the organization. The user needs to contact Hydra PPM through the official communication channel to get a pricing quote.

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Target Market

Based on the capabilities of Hydra PPM, it suits well for the needs of project directors, project managers, program directors, portfolio director and staffs involved. The software is a general project, program, and portfolio management software. Hence, it caters diverse industries needs.

Supported Languages

It supports English, German, and Spanish.

Some of their Clients

Clients include Skanska, Sportech, and Landmark Information Group.

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Users from Skanska indicate increased utilization of 10 percent because of the usage of the software.

Users from Sportech indicate that Hydra PPM provides accurate resource leveling across multi-complex problems.

Users from Landmark Information Group indicate that Hydra PPM is impressive due to its user-friendliness.

Why Hydra PPM

Hydra PPM is basically designed to cater to all the needs of managers. It’s features are sophisticated while presentation and simplicity are emphasized. The software focuses on the resources of an organization in order to solve the most common and basic problems faced by them in real world situations.

Company Info

Hydra provides management solutions for over 20 years. Currently, Hydra is serving 100 customers with 50,000 users from across three continents. Clients are ranging from diverse industries. The headquarters are located at Farnborough near London. Other offices are located at Wetherby, United Kingdom and Bogotà, Colombia.

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