How to Successfully Manage Outsourced Projects

Managing technology projects is not easy in itself, and outsourcing can multiply the stresses you may not have experienced when using an internal team. What derails the work on an outsourced project is usually the lack of communication and common understanding of project objectives.

Despite the challenges, there are ways to manage outsourced projects effectively, keeping them on track and on budget. Here are some tips that may help with that.

Research Thoroughly 

Effective management when outsourcing software projects starts with extensive research of the right partner. Don’t get lured by the lowest price alternative. Remember that the consequences may cost much more. Make sure you find out everything you can about the outsourcing company you want to partner with: their clients, cases, technologies they use.

Learn the Culture

Many companies underestimate the importance of understanding and embracing the culture, which actually can be very helpful in business dealings. When you learn about the culture of your partners, you can build great relationships, allowing for better communication and respect. All of that will eventually enhance productivity. 

Choose Wisely

Organizations frequently make the mistake of choosing an outsourcing partner with the most technically skilled personnel while forgetting about other factors. The job requires communication, the right attitude, and also teaching and development skills. There are companies that either consciously or subconsciously completely deny the fact of a work going overseas. If you are not one of them and are willing to choose an outsourcing partner, focus on those who possess the right attitude and desire to develop other people and organizations. Such a skill is not very common.

Learn about the Local Government Officials

When you are assigning a project overseas, the local officials are important to know. The establishment of business operations usually starts with the meeting with the local officials, which help you may need for successful project implementation. 


To receive a great result, always provide step-by-step instructions. Such an approach facilitates consistent application of your requirements and promotes overall effectiveness. Only when provided with all the necessary background information and specifications the team can perform a task at the highest level, making the management process easier.

Use Good Project Management Software 

A collaborative software solution is a great way to organize teamwork. When the members have immediate access to all the data they need, they can spend less time tracking down information and more time on performance. 

Hire a Local Manager

Such a manager will run the project’s daily operations, increasing the motivation levels of the personnel. The perfect scenario is to hire someone with local government affiliations and with the right attitude to the job. 


Always have a fixed schedule that you agree on in advance. It can be updated but should be discussed on a daily or weekly basis. Both parties have to be aware of the agreed upon timing and stick to it. It is especially important when the outsourced team is in another time zone.


Effective communication is always key to managing any project. If you want the work on your project to be productive and profitable, organize the communication regarding it in such a way that all team members are able to communicate in real time effortlessly.

Respect your Outsourced Partners 

Spare no time to get to know the people you are going to partner with. It can be done through a video conference or other means. Regardless, treat your outsourced team members like the partner you want them to be, and they will be.

In Summary

Managing outsourced projects is a serious task that requires involvement in the process. Before making any decisions, all needs, hidden costs, and the required resources for its implementation need to be considered. To make the project work and ensure its success, you will need diligence and a set of specialized project management practices we’ve covered above.

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