How does social media influence the project management software industry?

Social media has become a big factor influencing every facet of life. Given the utility of social media as a medium of communications it is no surprise that project management too has come under its effect.

Clear and effective communications are essential for successful project management. The qualities of a good project manager are ability to innovate, build trust, inquisitive and most important be transparent and open in communicating with the project team.  To be a good project manager one needs to exchange ideas, issues and participate in discussions.

In the earlier times most teams use to work in vacuum, make the same mistakes that others in similar situations have made, spend almost the same amount of time and effort in trying to find the solutions etc. But this situation has changed drastically in the recent times due to the advent of the social media. Social media has come up a big way much against the predictions of the bureaucratic managers and gurus who believe in top down management.

Social media connects people across hierarchies, companies, countries and brings them on a common platform where one can discuss on an open forum. In social media one need not worry any longer whether the idea being shared will be shot down or not. This is because people are more open and designations and hierarchies no longer matter.

Social Media for Project Managers

Project management’s ultimate goal is to ensure that the project gets complete within time and budget. Given this, finding the solutions to the challenges which can crop up from the blue during project execution can be simplified using the social platforms. You just need to write about the issue being faced and before you know you can get the solutions to the problem from across the world! Social media brings in collaboration and allows diverse individuals and groups to discuss and thrash out ideas effectively.

In a nutshell, the benefits of using social media in the project management field can be captured as access to experts, common platform with hierarchies, access to knowledge and experience. But it is important that social media is used in the correct sense else it can lead to dangerous consequences making the whole team unproductive.  It should be used more as a consulting platform and not as a strategic driver for the project needs.

Hence social media is no longer just twitter and facebook, it has evolved into much more and entered into the business critical field of project management too giving rise to Social Project Management!

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