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efficient 360 logoOverview Presentation

Efficient 360 is a web-based project management software which aims to optimize management activities and improve team productivity up to 20 percent. Managing all the information such as processes, methods, systems and tools to guarantee the success of a project is a huge administrative burden. If a product can solve the problems associated with non-standard processes, the use of multiple applications to track a project, or the cumbersome administrative duties associated with project management, then it makes it highly possible to deliver that project successfully. Efficient 360 is the solution to all these problems.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Automatic generation of deliverables – Efficient 360 supports project teams in all phases of the project. It improves productivity by automating the production of various deliverables such as the project charter, a complete project plan based on an effective assessment, and progress reports, among others.
  • Single entry and accessible – The online project management software provides an always accessible single, integrated point of entry for all project team members and their input. It organizes and makes available ready-to-use information to all members who need it. Thus, double entry is eliminated, and data remains intact and accurate. It is adopted by the team easily and also reduces resistance in using a new system or change in general.
  • Traceability and accountability – Efficient 360’s integrated approach also automatically creates a corporate data memory bank that eventually shortens project cycle launch for succeeding projects. It also has features that help monitor the continuity of projects, measure their progress, handles change requests, analyzes its impact, and creates an assessment of every project. This information will then help improve future estimation scales, implementation assumptions, and task sequencing, among others.

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Efficient 360 is billed annually. Every user requires a license to access the software. Total price depends on the number of users and the modules selected. A temporary license for a temporary employee for a minimum three-month period is also available. It also offers a free trial of the software after a customer successfully fills out an online form.

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Target Market

Efficient 360 is ideal for mid-sized to large companies who are looking for a project management software to replace outdated methods or multiple tools and platforms that do not contribute to successful project delivery. It is for project managers in organizations and project teams who are looking to improve their productivity to be able to continue their business and mission, or to accommodate growth and greater profitability.

Supported Languages

English and French

Some of their Clients

Clients of SIRIUS Software include Air Canada, Bell Canada, Compugen, Decarel, Elopak, Fibrek, Glatfelter Gatineau, Holcim Canada, Inspec-Sol, and Loran Technologies.

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No information is available.

Why Efficient 360

What helps project management professionals in their work directly benefits the organizations they work for. Efficient 360 project management software provides support from start to finish of the project, optimizes organization and information handling, and improves team productivity, all of which helps the project manager deliver projects on time, within cost and scope, with quality. Moreover, every successful project delivered builds on the capability of the system for better future projects and engagements.

Company Info

Efficient 360 is a product of SIRIUS Software, which is a division of SIRIUS Consulting Groupe. The privately held company was founded in 1999 in Quebec, Canada, and has been known in North America for its high quality services and expertise in project management. In May 2011, it acquired a company in France and created SIRIUS France. It then acquired VGAPP that specializes in the development of hosted technology. In 2012, it acquired Les Logiciels ABAK which is known globally for its project time, billing and budget management application. These companies now form the SIRIUS Groupe.



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