Comindware Project extends Project Management to MS Outlook

comindware project logoIn many companies, MS Outlook is the default working environment enabling corporate email and file exchange as well as activity scheduling.

When it comes to optimizing task and project management thru adopting a new project management solution, it’s often a case of adding a new piece of software that will require time and effort from the team to familiarize with it and get trained on it. To make things more complicated, to many on the team a full-fledged project management solution will be an overkill ‚Äì team members will only require basic task assignment, time tracking and document management, with all the intricacies of project planning, resource assignment and complex reporting out of their daily scope.

This way – with almost any IT innovation – there’s a dilemma of gaining functional improvement at the cost of disrupting the familiar working environment and increasing IT complexity ‚Äì altogether not always leading to an actual enhancement of the team performance.

Comindware Project is a collaborative, fully professional project management solution that is seamlessly pre-integrated with MS Outlook. It allows team members to manage their activities, timesheets and documents directly from the MS Outlook interface. There is no need to switch between applications or leave the primary e-mail client, which significantly simplifies operations and allows for closer team collaboration in a single and fully functional working environment.

comindware integration outlook

Key Advantages:

  • Professional project planning, execution, and reporting now available from the MS Outlook interface
  • Unified discussions and document management, including document versioning control
  • Enhanced team collaboration on and across projects in a single working environment

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