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Overview Presentation

CaseCamp is a project management software that is available online on a public or a privately hosted cloud. The name may sound similar to a very popular PM software, but the interface, tools and features are different. This application tries to include more features that can help companies manage not only projects, but also budget, time and billing, support and ticketing, resources and tracking. Overall, like many other PM software, it keeps users and team members on the same page for better collaboration and higher productivity.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Public or Private Cloud Accessibility Options ‚Äì Casecamp is available on a public cloud. For this option, users pay only a minimum monthly subscription fee to have access to a business system that helps in project planning, status tracking, project budget tracking, resource planning, portfolio overview and more. For customers who require more control and customization, this PM software can also be hosted on a private cloud with no monthly payments. Users can choose from 3 packages ranging from a startup configuration, as an SMB, and up to an Enterprise with unlimited users.
  • Flexible and Customizable Business Solutions ‚Äì Users can use the application for a variety of situations and requirements. Aside from core PM function, users in professional services sector can use the software for managing fixed or hourly projects. It has features for resource management, budget planning, estimated vs actual hours, billing and invoicing, and others. It also has features that can be beneficial in managing customer support tickets, generating reports and payroll, with native apps for iOS and Android devices for mobile work.
  • Comprehensive Set of Features ‚Äì CaseCamp includes a to-do list for task management, Gantt chart and calendar for project planning, tracking and scheduling. It also has budget and time management features, teams/groups and employee tracking. The PM software also includes a ticketing system, GitHub integration, and document management.


All 3 plans of the public cloud edition include unlimited users. A free trial of the software is offered for up to 10 projects not limited in number of days. For a maximum of 50 projects, the monthly subscription is $25 per month. This includes up to 50 GB of online storage. For unlimited number of projects, the price is at $50 per month. This plan also includes advanced features such as analytics, expense reports, export to CSV, API access and additional support.

For the privately hosted configuration, customers can choose from 3 licenses. The Startup license is priced at $750 for up to 15 users. The Business license is priced at $2,750 with unlimited users. Finally, the Enterprise license is priced at $4,999. This Gold option includes 1 year free hosting for one domain. The Diamond option also includes one year free hosting for multiple domains. All licenses have option to customize and expand.

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Target Market

CaseCamp is for teams and companies of any size. Users at any type of industry can benefit from using this project management and business solution. Software development, IT, and professional services companies can take advantage of particular features such as GitHub integration and time and expense tracking.

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Some of their Clients

Clients include, Outsource, Glass Net, Gymtropolis, NDTV, and Monster Quote.


Kunal S. at Panasonic stated that at first glance during TechCrunch Disrupt 2016, CaseCamp seems to be relevant for his day-to-day work.

Madhu K. at W2S Solutions stated that limitations in managing projects, teams and customers were overcome when they switched to this PM software. Now, he and his team have better integration.

Why CaseCamp

Every team, business or organization has unique requirements on top of the usual task and project management function. CaseCamp presents an option in terms of accessibility, deployment and collection of features. Also, users can use only one tool to manage and cover a range of business processes and requirements, with options to customize and expand.

Company Info

CaseCamp is a product of DevelopScripts LLC, a privately held IT and services company with headquarters in Dallas, TX, USA, and R&D office in Chennai, India. It is the same company that owns, operates and maintains,, and Other services it offers are customized web solutions, mobile and cloud development, systems integration, server management and IT consultations.

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