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Overview Presentation

BVDash is an online project management software that can be used by any project team in any industry. With a collection of tools and features, users are able to manage project issues, keep track of project costs, and access project schedules easily, among others. Information and updates arrive in real time, allowing all stakeholders to communicate quickly across devices and platforms with optimised collaboration.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Issue Management with Real-time UpdatesBVDash has issue management features that allow the project team to interact with one another, discover issues quickly, and collaborate easily to address issues and managed assigned tasks. Team members can review conflicting details or pressing issues, promptly address them, and report their status. Project updates are reported in real time, and files can be uploaded to provide supporting documents.
  • Dashboards and Schedules – Bird’s-eye view dashboards provide users high-level program and project health information at a glance. This enables teams to easily spot trouble areas, take note of developments, and initiate corrective actions. The dashboards provide a snapshot of all activities, and users can drill down to discover the root cause of the problems. With a user-friendly interface, they can access project milestones, deadlines, and a snapshot of previous project schedules. The schedules can be personalized and activities can be filtered to provide focus on assigned tasks.
  • Cost Control, Instant Communication, Integration and more – BVDash can keep track of project cost to help users spot any budget issues. It displays the overall program and project budget in user-friendly dashboards, so stakeholders can correct expenditure before arriving at any critical point. Designed for quick communication, teams can easily start conversations to share views, suggestions, or strategies in one-click. The software can easily integrate with other third-party tools with its API. Native mobile apps for iOS and Android devices are available.



BVDash offers several paid plans with most features included. The Professional plan is priced at $29 per user per month, and includes for up to 10 projects and 500GB storage. The Business plan is at $49 per user per month, and includes for 200 projects, and 2TB of storage. The Enterprise plan is at $75 per user per month, ideal for more than 200 projects, with 5TB of storage. Both the Business and Enterprise plans include a dedicated customer success support. Those interested can schedule for a demo.

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Target Market

BVDash is a general project management software that can be used by various teams in different industries.

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Vivian Saxe described BVDash as a versatile PM software that allowed her to create a team environment with both employees and external users. The company is responsive and willing to customize at no extra cost.

Adam Campkin stated that the online PM software is valuable to growing businesses. BVDash has the ability to handle and organize large number of projects. It also has a flexible database that the company is willing to customize for clients.

Why BVDash

BVDash is a simple but powerful project management tool that provides users a way to organize tasks and projects, visually track its progress with dashboards, and provide easy and quick communication for effective collaboration. It is a modern tool that helps businesses implement and standardize PM best practices for their organization.

Company Info

BVDash is a product of Birdview Insight Inc., a privately held project management and information technology and services solutions provider. The company is based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, and was founded in 2017. The management team is led by Jose Leonel Silva, President and CEO; and Luis Izquierdo, VP and CIO. The company also offers professional services in PM systems development and implementation, as well as PM systems integration.

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