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BlueCamroo Software: Overview – Features – Pricing

Overview Presentation

BlueCamroo is a SaaS-based CRM and business software platform. It is an integrated solution that includes customer, contact, leads and sales pipeline management together with project management, collaboration, support ticketing, and web development platform. It combines essential business systems in one seamless solution to promote transparency, efficiency and cost-savings. The online software also has automation, dashboards and reporting features that helps smaller businesses be productive and competitive with other enterprises.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Customer Relationship Management – BlueCamroo is a comprehensive CRM software that covers lead management including lead capturing, distribution, qualification, nurturing, and profiling. It has integrated social networking features for monitoring feeds, channel searches, message management and metrics. It also has email marketing tools that can target subscribers based on their clicks, allow users to up-sell and cross-sell products and services, and initiate campaigns with a step-by-step wizard, while receiving summary for each completed step. The integration allows quick conversion of leads to customers, of sales to projects, of quotes to budgets, and so on.
  • Project Management and Collaboration – The integrated project and task management systems ensure a smooth flow of sales into completed products or services. Using the same system, users wearing several hats can start collaborating with their team members, establish timelines, assign tasks, and manage resources, all the while maintaining all communications internally and in a central location. An update stream allows members to add and share information, but also plan the next steps. Other features include project and stage templates for quick start off, a Visual Workbench that shows critical path, a task manager with integrated time tracking, and resource manager that shows group and individual workload and utilization.
  • Billing, Automation, Reports, Integrations, and more – BlueCamroo also includes other essential business systems, such as billing and invoicing. Features include invoice templates, automatic invoicing, recurring invoices, online payments, customer pricing, catalogs, timesheet, approval management, and multiple currencies, among others. Business process automation enables users to automate actions through workflow rules that not only speed up processes, but also eliminate duplication. It has intelligent analytic dashboards, standard reports, report builder, and export tools to Excel, CSV, or PDF formats. It allows for UI customization, integration with several third-party apps such as Google Apps, accounting software, payment processors, Box, Outlook, Hubspot, and more. It also has an API, and an integrated web development platform.


BlueCamroo offers a simple pricing of $49 per user on a month-to-month basis, or $41 per user/month billed annually. All features are included, with unlimited contacts, opportunities, projects, cases, and external users. A 14-day free trial period is also offered.

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Target Market

BlueCamroo is ideal for freelancers, professional services, and small to mid-size businesses. It applies across industries and across function teams. Thus, it is valuable to teams who take on multiple roles, from sales, project management, customer support, to accounting.

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Some of their Clients

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User from Milton, Ontario stated that BlueCamroo is the most integral tool their team is using. As a result, their business has become efficient and profitable, able to deliver excellent results for the client.

Victor C. stated that he has built dozens of websites using BlueCamroo website development platform. He has built simple sites to sophisticated e-commerce sites. All are reliable, secure, and versatile. Support is very quick.

Why BlueCamroo

BlueCamroo is a complete solution ideal in today’s fast-paced and Internet-driven business landscape. The comprehensive yet tightly integrated system equips the team and small business with essential systems needed to be responsive to customers, effective in the organization, and competitive against larger enterprises. And dealing with one vendor with one product allows one to have a direct, clearer and pain-free communication.

Company Info

BlueCamroo Inc. is a privately held Information Technology and Services company based in Concord, Canada. It was founded in 2008 by Paul Clark, Tomek Maszkiewicz, and Dugan Zhang. As an integrated solution, it was designed from the ground up to help small and mid-sized businesses, offering greater efficiency and savings as against the use of multiple stand-alone systems. In 2013, it entered a global CRM competition, and was included in the 5 finalists. The team behind the software also has more than a decade of experience developing and delivering applications over the web.

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