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Overview Presentation

BeeWits is an online project management system especially made for web design agencies and freelancers. It is designed by creatives for creatives. A digital marketing and brand agency built the software to address their own problems. It has essential features that help automate the administrative processes, such as starting a project, populating task lists with the same to-dos, double-checking, updating clients, and others. Now, users can focus on and enjoy the creative aspect of the business.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Web Design Project Management ‚Äì BeeWits has defined the whole process of designing a website so that users only need to go through them to complete the project. It includes task templates to get them started. It has a task checklist that allows users to plan and manage the project with less effort so they can focus on being creative. The Interface is intuitive and easy to navigate. Information is centralized, such that to-dos, conversations, and assigned tasks are visible, actionable and transparent.
  • Collaborative and Social ‚Äì The project management system aims to keep everyone involved in sync with what is happening with the project. Thus, designers, developers, clients, and other stakeholders are kept in the loop by using the software. Team members can use @tagging to follow up on tasks and post comments for questions, suggestions, or clarifications as often as needed. This way, the project is self-documenting, so that at any point in the project cycle, users can search and read about the discussions that occurred. This eliminates the need for keeping meeting minutes or searching through emails.
  • Upcoming Features and other Tools ‚Äì BeeWits will include soon the feature that allows users to create their own templates. And customer feedback will play an important role in the tool’s roadmap. The PM system also has other existing and upcoming web project tools such as the Hourly Rate Generator, the Am I Winning module, the Quotation Generator, and the Humans.txt Generator. It will also be able to integrate with 3rd party applications.


BeeWits offers several plans depending on the number of projects a customer would have. The plans also differ in the amount of online storage available. However, all plans include for unlimited users, so whether the customer is a single freelancer or an agency of 50, the subscribed plan’s price remains fixed. For example, the Freelancer plan that is priced at $29.99 per month includes for up to 50 projects and 10 GB of storage. The higher Marketing Agency plan at $49.99 includes for up to 300 projects and 50 GB of storage.

Social Network Presence

Target Market

BeeWits is ideal for website developers, digital marketing agencies and freelancers.

Supported Language


Some of their Clients

Clients include individual freelancers and team members of agencies and small businesses. The software is still in early access mode.


Chris Amerson stated that his team likes BeeWits very much and described it as better than any other PM tool they have tried. Dan Christie stated that this PM system ensures that they are all on track and not forgetting any essential task. He also pointed out that the in-built tagging and commenting features are very helpful and simple to use. Rachel Saddington described BeeWits as easy to use and edit to match any kind of project. Managing projects and keeping clients in the loop just got easier.

Why BeeWits

BeeWits is a home-grown and tested project management tool that is solving the problems of its own company. It helps users and agencies simplify and organize the work process, so that they can focus on the business of creativity while automating the rest of the processes that keep the company productive and profitable.

Company Info

BeeWits is a product/service of Switch Digital Ltd, a privately held online marketing agency based in Malta. It was founded in 2001. Richard Azzopardi, the CEO and co-founder of Switch Digital encountered organization issues while setting up the company. He looked for an online solution but found none that addresses the problems. The team at Switch decided to build their own solution, and launched BeeWits in 2014. Interested users can contact Switch by filling up an online form for early access to the software.

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