5 Ideas to Improve Your Sales Team Using Project Management Software

When creating a new product, companies often tend to divert their entire attention towards it in the hopes of creating a product that users love. However, during this process, most startups and sometimes established companies end up neglecting sales, thinking it to be a mere support function. Unfortunately, it is one of the most common, yet grave mistakes that can actually put companies’ survival at risk.

The truth of the matter is that a company could have an excellent product or service, but it cannot survive unless there are robust systems at the backend to support its sales.

Since the sales department is the backbone of your organization, it is imperative that you give it as much importance as you give to product development. The success of your sales team primarily depends on two factors: capability and efficiency.

While capability depends upon the skills of your sales staff and regular training, efficiency depends on your organization’s processes, technology and systems. One way you can improve your team’s efficiency is by streamlining your processes through project management software.

Here are five ways your sales team can improve using project management software;

1. Timely information

By using an effective project management software, the sales team of your company can have a lot of free time on their hands which they can use to focus on the real task i.e. closing deals.

Generally, software are cloud-based and, hence, accessible on cell phones or tablets, which means your sales reps can enter relevant data on the go. Doing so is also more favourable because in cases where people have to wait to get back to office to enter data, a lot of entries are piled up and most of the information is lost.

The software will also allow your sales team to access key sales information such as buyers’ contact information whenever they want to. Another major advantage of using a project management software is that information is available to everyone, so in the case an employee leaves the company, your clients won’t have to suffer, requests won’t be delayed and so on.

2. Organization

Often, the sales department approaches a number of people in a day. Whether it is through cold calls or emails, it becomes difficult to keep track if they have to rely solely on pen and paper. However, a good project management software, such as Pipedrive, allows you to set up each stage of your sales process. So, as you make your calls or carry out other sales activities, you can categorize them into stages. You can also shift your tasks in subsequent categories as you progress towards closing. Such software allows you to prioritize your work too.

3. Collaboration

Departments can achieve more in less amount of time if they work in synergy. In many instances, marketing and sales departments are at loggerheads with each other; marketing department usually expects more sales because they are promoting the product, while sales department has different expectations. A project management software implemented across the organization can reduce this friction between the two departments.

With information accessible to all, marketing department will be able to pinpoint why sales are low and adjust their strategy accordingly. Similarly, sales department will also be able to keep a track of marketing efforts and improvise their sales tactics appropriately.

In short, implementing a software means less time spent on preparing presentations and reaching a common ground and more on collaboration.

4. Data analytics

If you opt for project management software with good analytics feature, it can do wonders for your sales team. Since all your data is in one place, the software can forecast future sales. It will also allow you to compare your real growth against your predicted growth.

For example, if you have fewer prospects at the start of your pipeline, the software will inform you at the beginning that you will probably miss your target. Moreover, the software allows you to carry out predictive analysis i.e. predict future events based on the data you have entered. Based on previous customer interactions, the software can predict and recommend which leads would likely be most interested in buying your product.

Big data is talk of the town these days. CRM providers such as Oracle and salesforce.com are investing in big data. As per a recent study by DataMeer, customer analytics in sales and marketing will benefit the most from big data. Customer analytics help in customer acquisition, increasing revenue per customer and reducing customer churn.

5. Increased customer satisfaction

Project management software will ensure timely delivery of your product or service. In companies where things are managed in a haphazard way, there are high chances of deliveries being missed or delayed. With this software at your disposal, you can easily track when the deal was closed and when delivery is due.

Furthermore, the right project management software also lets you manage customer issues in an effective and a timely manner, strengthening your relationship with them. Additionally, it also allows your sales team to work in a more structured manner, which will ensure that your customers get consistent service every time.

Companies today are leveraging technology to gain an edge over their competitors. Hence, the sooner you adopt it, the better. There is a plethora of software options available in the market. However, you need to choose the one that best suits your needs.

While choosing one, make sure you not only pay attention to the software, but the vendor as well. Select a vendor who is experienced and has served someone in your industry before. Also, ensure that the software you choose is flexible and customizable as per your needs. It would be better if it has integration possibility or developers’ toolkit. Also, the security factor is crucial. You cannot risk getting your data hacked. Before finalizing any vendor, opt for a trial period, where you can check their free CRM pipeline template and other features. Sign the contract only once satisfied.

Remember, a project management software will only benefit you if you use it appropriately and enter data regularly. It would be useless to implement the software if your sales team is not willing to use it. Hence, once you implement the software, make sure to train your staff accordingly.

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