4 Tips for Successfully Managing Outsourced Projects

Business process outsourcing is nothing new in the business world. In the last few years, it has become a trend. There are several reasons for this. Outsourcing results in increased efficiency, it provides cost advantages; after outsourcing, businesses can focus on core areas. Plus, it provides access to very skilled resources, etc.

But even when outsourced, projects have to be managed. You have to have an insight into the progress made, the funds spent so far, dead ends, and you have to be able to resolve any possible issues quickly and efficiently. This is why we offer you these tips for successfully managing outsourced projects.

Project Planning

Before you can outsource your project, you will need to plan it in great detail. It’s going to be handled by a remote team, and it won’t be possible to address some issues on the go, like with in-house projects.

You have to break projects down into tasks, write a description for each task, and explain which resources and information have to be used for each task specifically. If you are outsourcing to a team that charges by the hour, you will also have to negotiate with them regarding how much time they will need for each project task.

Provide Access to Important Documentation

To make the management process easier, you have to allow outsourced workers, or teams, to access all project related documentation. This will allow them to work more efficiently. Besides, you will also save a lot of time by not having to answer project related questions. When the outsourced team has access to all of the information and resources, it is far easier for them to operate and to complete the tasks promptly.

For this purpose, you can use any software that is powered by cloud computing technologies, i.e. Google Drive, OneDrive, Project Management software tools, etc. Most of these tools have change tracking enabled. This is very important, as it prevents any valuable information from getting lost after edits and updates.

Outsource to Reliable Partners

There are specialized outsourcing companies on the market that offer an entire palette of business process outsourcing services. These companies operate from the client’s perspective and also handle project management on their client’s part. By using the latest technologies and hiring only the best professionals and freelancers, these companies can provide an overall outsourcing service for their clients.

By outsourcing projects to a reliable outsourcing partner your organization can, as mentioned, focus on core areas without the need to constantly oversee and manage the remote team. Before you choose such a partner, make sure to check their previous clients’ testimonials in order to check their credibility on the market.

Devise a Communication Strategy

Communication is a crucial aspect of every project management task. There are a lot of communication obstacles in-house, let alone in situations when working with remote talents and teams. This is why you have to devise a communication strategy with the outsourced team before you start working on a project.

Things you want to address before starting a project are:

  • Define a line of communication if the project stops due to a critical issue;
  • Since there are different types of communication, decide which communication channel should be used for each of communication type;
  • Define the communication frequency, i.e. when and how often will they send you reports.

During the project, there will inevitably be some questions. With a clear and effective communication strategy, you will reduce redundancies and increase the productivity of remote workers and teams.

These tips make managing outsourced projects a lot easier. We strongly believe that a good plan, an established communication strategy, and a reliable outsourcing partner, make any outsourced project achievable with almost no management at all.

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