Best Kanban Board Software & Tools for 2021

The hottest trend in PM today are Kanban boards. Read anything on PM and Kanban surfaces in the first paragraph. Born at Microsoft, Kanban adapted the best practices of Toyota’s lean management to software development. Today, Kanban boards are leading a revolution in PM.  This is no longer the realm of software giants, Agile teams exist in every imaginable industry. If your competitors are beating you, its because they use these principles.

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One of the most recognizable parts of Agile is the Kanban Board. We’ve all seen these visual workflow boards, with all the project’s tasks displayed in columns. As a software applications, these Kanban boards are powerful project too. A  Kanban board is also a great way to begin making your team Agile. With hundreds of options showing up each month, I’ve compiled a list of the five best.

1. Trello

Trello trello-logois one of the most popular and familiar Kanban applications. Kanban’s card system is at the core of Trello. View these cards from anywhere – IOS, Android, Mac, or Windows. Pull tasks by subscribing to cards and add subtask check right on the card. Best in class alerts assures you that you’ll know immediately about any changes. Easily click and drag cards between columns. Trello is flexible enough to handle boards for a portfolio of projects. Read Our Trello Review

2. Kanbanize

Kanbanize offers digital cards with limits. Keep people focused by limiting the  view of WIP. This can be varied form project to project. Kanbanize is easy to set up, ensuring quick integration. You’ll find Kanbanize apps on both Android and IOS. Use the apps to keep you alerted to card task progress and due dates. Read Our Kanbanize Review

3. Kanban Tool

kanbantool-logoKanban Tool from Shorelabs, is another hosted solution. Its design is familiar to those who’ve used a whiteboard and sticky note Kanban board. Use drag and drop to move tasks. Easily restrict views of work in progress. You can also create horizontal swim lanes. And if you need to, both these and your columns are collapsible. Data from your cards creates powerful reporting to improve you forecasting ability. Read Our Kanban Tool Review

4.  Leankitleankit logo new

Leankit seeks to straddle the line between command and control and agile. The board is still card based. Tasks move between columns with the familiar drag and drop concept. Filter columns with colors and by name. But these cards are busier than some of the other platforms. This is because of Leankits powerful reporting engine. This is especially helpful if your team is just beginning to move into agile. Leankit’s cards track inefficiencies. This teaches new-to-agile teams how to incoporate the principles. Read Our Leankit Review


Work flow transparency creates accountability. An organization with accountability produces great work. Kanban is a simple but powerful tool for transparency.  Using a software Kanban magnifies the power of the tool. More and more, Agile is becoming a difference maker. Organizations that transition are outpacing their competitors. All five of these tools offer a free trial. Take advantage of them and improve the effectiveness of your team today.

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