Top 3 Software Alternatives to GanttPRO

GanttPRO is an online Gantt chart software for project planning and management. It is a preferred solution by hundreds of thousands of project managers worldwide to help them achieve the best results. GanttPRO was created with the help of XB Software, a custom software development company based in Minsk, Belarus. With over 500 projects planned and launched, as well as feedback from users, they were able to create an online Gantt chart software that combines essential PM tools and ease of use.

It’s not for everyone

Although preferred by new professionals and seasoned project managers alike, GanttPRO is not the ultimate solution for every kind of problem. Its Gantt chart tool is among the best in the market today, and it is not restricted to project planning only. However, some users or teams wish there were specific features or enough flexibility included to make it an ideal solution for their requirement.

GanttPRO Missing Features

  • No activity dashboard
  • No other charting option aside from Gantt chart
  • Limited cost/expense tracking
  • Simple project time tracking, but with no timesheet tool
  • No issue tracking, but with Jira integration
  • Simple board view
  • No calendar view
  • Yes, a bit expensive for individual users with only an annual payment option

Top 3 Software Alternatives to GanttPRO

If you are looking for a more tailor-fit solution to your project management software requirement, there are several alternatives to choose from. Deliberate carefully what your company, project, or team needs. If you are looking for specific tools with stronger capabilities or additional flexibility, keep in mind that some PM tools put more power on one or two areas over others. Then check out our suggestions.

1. Wrike

Wrike is a project management and work collaboration software with easy-to-use tools to help you simplify project planning, team communication, and work execution. It also has Gantt charts, but also has online forms, customizable dashboards and workflows. Similar to GanttPRO, it has resource allocation tools for workload management, and project templates to help start any project quickly. It has powerful reporting tools and more customization capabilities. It can also integrate with over 400 online and on-premise applications.

2. Smartsheet

If you prefer to work on a spreadsheet rather than a Gantt chart, then Smartsheet is a good alternative for you. It is a project management and work execution platform where teams can easily collaborate. It has tools for project planning, information capture, work management, process automation, reporting, and more. It also has a Gantt chart and card view, but also a grid and calendar views where you can switch from one view to another easily. It has a more affordable individual plan that can be paid either monthly or annually. It also has dashboards, automation, forms, integration, and mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms.

3. AceProject

AceProject is an online task management and project tracking software with freemium pricing model. It enables you to organize your business, track your tasks and projects, and collaborate easily with your team. It has a project dashboard and Gantt chart. A built-in time tracking tool, timesheet, and workflow approval allows you to track not only time but also expenses to help you manage and control your budget. Documents can be easily shared for seamless collaboration, with file version control to track changes and history. Other features include image preview tool, flexible reporting, export to Excel or CSV format, mobile apps and open API. It also integrates with Bridge24, a powerful app that extends PM tool capabilities.

GanttPRO and its Features

GanttPRO is a smart and modern way to keep any kind of project simple with a high-performing Gantt chart. Users report 50 percent increase in teamwork efficiency, and on-target project delivery improvement of 75 percent. Companies like Salesforce, Sony, NASA, and DHL use the online Gantt chart software for various purposes. It is a PM solution for businesses and organizations of all sizes.

The interactive Gantt chart is a powerful interface that allows users to create tasks, subtasks and milestones. Organize and prioritize tasks, set due dates, durations and dependencies. The drag-and-drop interface automatically adjusts schedule. Assign tasks to your team, and track their time and progress. It also has tools to manage resources and cost, track workflow with a board view, share documents through attachment, post comments, receive notifications, watch out for the critical path, export charts in various formats, generate various reports, and integrate with Jira.


The global market is more competitive than ever. Teams and companies are utilizing the best tools like GanttPRO to help them manage and deliver their projects of value in the most efficient and cost-effective way. In the same manner, the online Gantt chart software continues to bring high value to its customers by providing an affordable but high-performing software. Fortunately for users, there are more options today than ever, so if you need different tools for your specific requirements, PM software alternatives are available just a few clicks away.

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