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Bridge24 is a project management tool that extends and expands the features of Asana, Trello, and Basecamp. It enables users to create and format reports, display project and task information in a variety of views, and export information easily in different formats. Bridge24 integrates seamlessly to the main application to provide users with additional capabilities and options for reporting, charting, displaying, and exporting data. Teams can view, update, and format project and task information accurately using a single application.

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Bridge24 Review: Features and Strengths

Integrations for Asana, Trello, and Basecamp

Bridge24 easily integrates with several top-rated project management software with its purpose-built connectors. It is officially recognized and accepted by Asana, Trello, and Basecamp as an app that connects to their respective platforms. Users can connect it to these PM tools (as well as AceProject) in a few clicks. The dynamic connection allows a two-way sync between Bridge24 and the PM software so that both tools get updated with any change occurring in either tool. This allows easy and secure editing of data, tasks, and projects using the Bridge24 interface.

Multiple Views and Advanced Reports

Bridge24 provides a unique grid view that allows users to easily resize column widths, show or hide columns, and rearrange fields. The calendar view displays tasks and allows users to modify task dates with a simple drag-and-drop of start and end dates. Bridge24 views can display any date (like a Last Updated date), which allows team members to view the milestones most important to them. The software also provides (for selected PM tools) board views, Gantt/timeline views, and project/task history views.

Bridge24’s advanced reports can provide multiple-level groupings with unlimited columns and custom fields to include in print-quality reports. The software can also include subtasks and indentation up to 5 levels. It can also include in its fields functions such as totals, subtotals, average, sum, count, and others. Teams can create and save reports for future use that they can also export in multiple formats such as PDF and Excel.

Interactive Charts, Quick Export Tool, File Download Manager, and More

Bridge24 can automatically create different types of interactive charts for users that show a summary or status of tasks by project, assignee, section, tag, and date completed, among others. Users can stack charts to display 2 different values. They can further drill down on data by clicking on a chart segment to open the task in edit mode.

Another popular feature of the PM tool is its quick export capability. Tailored exports from within the main application can be difficult to perform for Asana, Trello, or Basecamp. With Bridge24, users can easily export tasks to Excel, CSV, or PDF formats after choosing which columns to include, and can export tasks by specific criteria. Other features include a file download manager that allows bulk download of files, an edit mode for quickly adding or updating a task, custom fields, and custom filters.

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Bridge24 Pricing

Bridge24 pricing is available in a simple pricing plan. Users can opt to pay monthly or annually and get additional savings. It also offers a free 7-day trial period.

Customers can pay $25/month for the Base package that includes 5 users (1 organization owner license + 4 member licenses). Additional users after purchasing the Base package will cost $5/user/month.

When paying annually, the Base package costs $240 a year with additional users at $48 /user /year.

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Who Uses Bridge24?

Bridge24 is for businesses of all sizes and industries that are using Asana, Trello, Basecamp, or AceProject project management software. It is ideal for users who need additional views and tools for reporting and exporting data in a more flexible and intuitive way. Customers include Deloitte, Airbnb, Ernst & Young, PMI, and Shell.

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Bridge24 Supported Languages

Bridge24 supports English, French, and Spanish.


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Case Studies

Nurul K. works at a large bank and her team uses Asana for work management. Unfortunately, the reports available by default from Asana are not sufficient for the team’s needs. The team paired Bridge24 with Asana and the integration worked flawlessly. It helps Nurul’s team with its capability to generate more detailed, customized reports with their Asana data as well as the activity data of each team member. Now, the entire team has better insight into their work than when they were using Asana only.

Cam B. is the business manager for a company in the health and fitness industry. He was looking for a tool to export tasks and comments from Asana to a format that he can easily import and display within his CRM software. Bridge24 performed the task quickly with a high degree of data integrity. Bridge24 allows him to generate the desired outputs in a manageable way without having to engage with expensive data migration software or service.

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Why Choose Bridge24?

Bridge24 enables users to create custom charts and reports quickly from project data within Asana, Trello, and Basecamp even if these features are not readily available from the main PM application provider. It gives users the ability to view and interact with data in multiple ways using one tool to get new perspectives and better insights. Users also have easier access and more freedom to bring project data outside of their main PM app.

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Company Info

Bridge24 is a product of Websystems, Inc., a privately held software company based in Québec City, Canada. Launched in 2015, Bridge24 provides enhanced reporting and exporting features to Asana, Trello, Basecamp, and AceProject to fill in the missing reporting capabilities in these leading PM systems. The company continues to enhance Bridge24’s features to provide its over 25,000 users from all over the world with more advanced tools to get better value from their PM software.

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