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Bridge24 is a reporting and exporting application that enhances the functionality of popular PM tools like Asana, Trello, Basecamp and AceProject. A one-click dynamic connection enables users to safely and quickly access features and tools that provides powerful analytics, flexible views, and better control of their project data. It offers unique views, filters, controls, and exporting tools that allow them to organize and categorize valuable and sometimes hidden information. It fills in feature gaps, like limited reporting tools in Asana, and provide a selection of highly interactive charts full of practical information and useful perspective. Thus, teams are able to make timely and informed decisions to achieve their goals. It also offers helpful add-ons such as the Trello Chart Suite Chrome Extension for creating charts in one click.

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Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Dynamic Connectivity, Intuitive Interface ‚Äì Bridge24 online application gives users a quick and simple connection to project data from their favorite PM tool. Dynamic connectivity provides access to information without complex importing, copy/pasting or configuration. Furthermore, data is bi-directionally synchronized in real-time, so edits and updates are instantly reflected. A re-imagined interface now features new contrasting for increased usability, with less intrusive notifications, quicker load times for dialogs, and new font types and sizes for better readability. The intuitive UI allow users to easily and quickly view, add or edit tasks, or filter other work items across projects. It has quick action menus, a treeview project list, fast loading, support for custom fields (Asana and Trello), progress bars with cancels, a grid, board, and calendar mode, charts, and more.
  • Powerful Views, Interactive Charts and Reports ‚Äì The application can flexibly provide different views, such as the interactive tabular Power Grid view, a time and urgency perspective with a Calendar view, and a workflow tracking Board view. Users can switch views in one click. Other features include a document preview, task editing and task history, and multilingual support for English, French and Spanish. Advanced reporting tools allow for easy creation, saving, or deletion of filtered views. Moreover, it supports data grouping/sorting of up to 2 levels down with unlimited columns including custom fields. Wide fields are also available to contain longer descriptions and text. In reports, users can now include totals, subtotals, and other operations for fields with numeric values. Users can easily create a variety of interactive charts, including data from custom fields. They can be moved, hide/show segments, drill down to details, stack 2 variables in one chart and choose how they are stacked, share, copy or export to PDF. Now, they can also add a Milestone column (Asana), navigate the report preview using the mouse scroll, and download reports in .xlsx, .docx, or .pptx formats.
  • Exporting Tools and Controls, Chrome Extensions, User Account, and more ‚Äì Bridge24 has powerful exporting tools that allow users to extract project information from their PM application. It also has excellent controls, so user can filter the exact data they want to include for reporting and other purposes. They can export in Excel, CSV, PDF and other formats. They can also export comments, custom fields, and task history for more specific business purposes. It has released 2 Chrome extensions, the Trello Excel Export Suite Chrome extension for quick export of their Trello data to Excel; and the Trello Chart Suite Chrome extension for creating charts of Trello data in a click of a button. Other tools include a user account that stores all their connectors, views, filters and other parameters, an online chat for feedback, as well as an affiliate program for a supportive community of users.
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Bridge24 premium subscription can be paid either monthly or annually with a 20% savings. Pricing depends on the number of Bridge24 users subscribing to the software service starting from the BASE level which includes 5 users. For example, for 1 to 5 users, pay $25 per month total, or $240 for a year in advance. For additional users, add for $5/month each. Supported features also depend on the PM software provider you are using. For example, the Power Grid view, custom filters and views, data grouping/sorting, export engine, and multiple language features are available for Asana, Trello, Basecamp 2, Basecamp 3, and AceProject. However, custom fields are only supported in Asana and Trello, while the Report Engine is supported in all except in Basecamp 2. Users can try the software for free in 7 days.

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Target Market

Bridge24 is ideal for users of Asana, Trello, Basecamp, and AceProject. Those who require enhanced reporting and exporting capabilities to better manage their project information will derive the most benefit. Also, users who look for fast releases of new and useful features not available in their original PM provider will not be disappointed.

Supported Languages

Supports English, French and Spanish.

Some of their Clients

Clients include Deloitte, Airbnb, EY, PMI, and Shell.



Justin Ralston (Asana user) stated that he has been looking for a better query/reporting tool with bidirectional updating that works with Asana for a while now. After logging in Bridge24, he was amazed at the capabilities. It is exactly what he has been looking for to help him in a lot of ways.

Richard Corbeil (Trello user) recalled that he found Bridge24 by searching the keywords ‘Trello Excel export’ after trying some Power-Ups listed on the website. Bridge24 has a Power Grid that he considers the best product around to export filtered data to Excel. And it is the only one supporting custom fields that he knows of.

Luke Green (Basecamp user) stated that the filtering and display tools in Bridge24 are very easy to use. He described it as simple, intuitive, and allows him to get to the view he needs within minutes.

Chad Boerboom (AceProject user) described the export module as awesome. He stated that Bridge24 is easy to use, with a layout that is very intuitive.

More testimonials can be found on PMHut and PMcom.

Company Info

Bridge24 is created by Websystems, Inc., a privately held company based in Quebec, Canada.
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