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Teamweek is an online project planning and team scheduling software. It is a simple visual tool that provides quick information about tasks, teams and the timeline involved. Instead of putting in complex features and functionality, it includes helpful color-codes, checklists, and notifications, with a friendly drag-and-drop interface that is quick to learn about and easier to use.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Visual Project PlanningTeamweek online software provides users a colorful overview of information at a glance. The color-coded schedule provides instant overview information, so you can easily spot opportunities or issues, and make an informed decision. It shows tasks, team members, and timelines together, so everybody is on the same page on who is doing what by when. And because it is cloud-based, you get real-time updates on your desktop or on your mobile device. Native iOS and Android apps are available. The Daily overview from the mobile app gives information on the workload of your team members. The Icebox feature allows you to store ideas that cannot be planned right away. It also supports milestones, which you can use to indicate deadlines.
  • Simple and Easy to use – The project planner is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. Users can get on board quickly, start using it, and hit the ground running. It does not have complex planning features like a Gantt chart with task dependencies. All you have to do is add tasks with a date or date range. As the plans and schedules of all team members are entered, you get to see the big picture of the tasks that the team is busy with over a time period. For any changes, simply change or move individual tasks, group tasks, or selected tasks.
  • Flexible views, Checklists, Sharing, Integrations, and more – Teamweek allows users to view all the parts of a big single project together, tasks and their assignees. You can also see a Group view where you see the tasks of team members over a timeline. Easily switch between project view and team timeline view, with various zoom levels. It also has a checklist feature for breaking tasks into smaller subtasks or to-dos. Timelines can be shared with other teams, clients, or external partners through an online link. Chrome and Mozilla web browser extensions are available. Other features include team notification, Slack integration for communication, one-way sync to Toggl for time tracking, and calendar integration.


Teamweek offers several pricing plans that can be paid annually resulting in 10 percent savings or a month-by-month subscription. A free plan for up to 5 people is available and includes the core features of a simple project planning tool with a drag-and-drop interface, flexible views, and real-time updates. For teams up to 10 people, the price is at $35 per month billed annually (or $39 month-by-month). For teams up to 20 people, it is at $71 per month billed annually. Price increases as more users are included. All premium plans include additional features, such as an annual view, custom colors, and file upload up to 100MB. A free trial period for 14 days is available.

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Target Market

Teamweek is for small to mid-sized businesses that need a simple and effective project planning and team scheduler application. Freelancers, consultants, teams and companies in the design, software development, arts, architecture, education, IT, field services, aviation, media/entertainment, manufacturing, marketing/advertising, biotechnology, and business consulting industries gain great value and advantage in using the software.

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Some of their Clients

Clients include Airbnb, Netflix, The New York Times, Disney, Microsoft, and Adobe.



Ines Robin stated that she usually needs to manage many time-sensitive tasks for herself as well as other artists. Since using Teamweek, she has finally been able to move tasks around in the calendar and between artists. Even when there is a deadline change, she can easily drag and drop tasks in schedules without any headaches.

Chanel Kennedy recalled that before using the visual project planner, the situation was chaotic at their studio. But after using Teamweek, they now have more structure for the business. It definitely changed things for the better.

Why Teamweek

Teamweek is a planning and scheduling tool for teams who have simple workflows, recurring tasks, and/or fluid schedules. Customers choose it for ease of use and clear visual overview, rather than tools with more comprehensive capabilities or complex functionality.

Company Info

Teamweek is a product of Toggl OÜ, a private software company based in Tallinn, Estonia. It is the same company behind the time tracking software Toggl. It was founded in 2007 by Alari Aho and Krister Haav. With a mission to build the best resource planning software, they realized that using Excel sheets and Gantt charts is not the best way to reach their objective. They needed a clear overview of who was doing what for how long. Teamweek was launched in 2017, headed by Serge Herkül, CEO.

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