Toggl Plan (formerly Teamweek) Software Review for 2022


Toggl Plan software review

Toggl Plan, formerly Teamweek, is an online project planner and team scheduler software. It is a highly visual and color-coded tool for managing plans, schedules, teams, and tasks. It provides a timeline view, a team view, and a board view so you get several perspectives on your project progress, team capacity, and task workflow. With built-in collaboration, teams can post comments in work context and share plans with secure links. The software integrates with time tracking software and other tools through CSV format output.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Project planningToggl Plan is a project planner that includes a team view to see tasks and their duration, responsible person(s), and progress in a colorful timeline. You can plan projects with ease and simplicity with all the important information included and stakeholders informed. It provides several views to give you a timeline perspective as well as a task flow perspective, so you don’t have to guess to keep projects on track.
  • Team planning – The schedule-making software provides tools to make plans and adjust them easily. The visual planner lets you know instantly who is available to take on more work and who is unavailable. Collaborate with in-task comments and shared timelines. With unlimited boards, timelines, and team timelines, create plans that cover every week, as well as monthly or longer-term plans.
  • Task management, drag-and-drop, sharing, and data export – Toggl Plan gives you unlimited boards where you can customize statuses to track the most important information or work item. Add comments on tasks and directly tag people to ask questions or update them with needed feedback. The drag-and-drop interface lets you reorder or prioritize tasks instantly. You can also share timelines to external partners, clients, or freelancers using a generated link. Grant or revoke access to teams and plans on a per user basis. Import from or export project data to a CSV file for easier reporting and summary with other tools.


Toggl Plan offers a free plan for a small team of up to 5 users. The Standard plan at $8 per user per month paid annually (or $9 per user month-by-month) includes the unlimited tasks, milestones, team timelines, and boards features in the free plan with the addition of tools to manage recurring tasks, multiple assignments, custom colors, annual view, 100MB file upload, favorites, and Toggl Track one-way integration. The Business plan is at $13.35 per user per month paid annually and includes access rights, data export, and priority support. Users can try the software free for 14 days.

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Target Market

Toggl Plan is ideal for small businesses with a requirement for simple project planning and team management software. As an online software, it is easy to set up, simple to use, and provides the right tools to manage multiple teams and dynamic schedules.

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Some of their Clients

Clients include Airbnb, Netflix, Stripe, Amazon, The New York Times, and Spotify.



Ada Enechi used to work for a company that created team schedules on Excel. Any time Ada had to update the schedule, she had to re-save a document and send it to the team. When she transferred to a new company that used Toggl Plan, she discovered how easy it was to use. The simple project planning software solved problems she had when she was using Excel.

Piers Tincknell was looking for a solution to replace their company’s spreadsheets. They were using spreadsheets for keeping clients up-to-date and managing the departments workload and capacity planning. They also needed a collaboration tool for their design and development teams. After trying several planning tools, they chose Toggl Plan for its client-friendly view, team management tools, and built-in collaboration features.

Why Toggl Plan

Toggl Plan is a simple project planning tool with more power than a spreadsheet and easier to use than a Gantt chart. It provides two important perspectives. For every task, you will know who is working on which tasks and its status. Also, for every team member, you will know what they are working on and when they are available for more work. Easily switch from these views to get an overview of the project timeline, how it is progressing, and what the team should work on next.

Company Info

Toggl Plan, formerly known as Teamweek, is a fully remote, privately held software company with head office in Tallin, Estonia. It began as a side project for internal use at Toggl, which now offers Toggl Track for time tracking, Toggl Hire for candidate screening, and Toggl Plan. Founded in 2007, Alari Aho and Krister Haav started a software consultancy company. As clients and projects grew, they created a time tracking tool that allowed them to give their clients reports on time spent. Every time the company faced productivity challenges where there was no existing tool, they built one for themselves, which is how Toggl Plan came about.


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