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Toggl Plan Software Review for 2023

Toggl PlanToggl Plan, formerly known as Teamweek, is highly visual online team calendar for planning projects, managing schedules, and tracking tasks. It is intuitive with its drag-and-drop interface that allows users to create plans, adjust workloads, and assign tasks within interactive timeline and board views. It helps businesses and organizations optimize schedules and maximize resources by presenting a visual overview of timelines and workflows that they can adjust quickly and share easily.

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Toggl Plan: Features and Strengths

Project Planning

Toggl Plan visual project planning tool helps teams prioritize and schedule projects with a drag-and-drop timeline interface. Users can easily add, schedule, and assign tasks and milestones without the complexity found in spreadsheets and other project planning tools. They can build visual roadmaps and project schedules, then adjust quickly when faced with a roadblock or other changes.

Teams can see each member’s availability and capacity across multiple projects, time off, and holidays. They can color-code milestones to track deadlines and make critical dates visible across projects. Users can get in-app notifications and email updates when changes occur for efficient progress tracking. Flexible timelines allow users to plan ahead, and mobile apps let users track plans on the go.

Toggl Plan

Resource Planning

Teams can maximize their billable hours from a clear overview of their schedule. They can balance workloads easily using Toggl Plan’s timelines. Read-only shared timelines give every team member access to view timelines together with tasks, milestones, and assignees, while preventing unauthorized edits. Admins can control access by user role, such as Owner, Member, or Guest.

Project managers can find available members and adjust workloads evenly to avoid burnout. Visual timelines and color-coded plans makes it easy to manage team capacity with everyone’s availability, schedule, and workload in one place. Users can easily spot scheduling conflicts even when working across multiple projects.

Task Management

Toggl Plan has flexible task management features that allow users to add as much or as little detail as needed. Users can create unlimited plan timelines where they can schedule, assign, and track tasks the way they want to. They can create tasks in several ways, including clicking on the highlighted timeline area in timeline view, clicking the plus (+) sign next to the status name in board view, selecting the Add Task button, or with the shortcut ‘N’ for new task.

Teams can create custom task workflows for each timeline and board. Task collaboration is seamless with all task-related information and communication in one place through file attachments, checklists, and feedback.


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Toggl Plan Pricing

Toggl Plan pricing is available in 2 plans where users can opt to pay annually or monthly. Pricing is per user per month, with a 10 percent discount when paying annually. Non-profits and educational institutions are also eligible for discounts. A free 14-day trial is available as well as a free Solo plan for single users with simple planning needs.

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Who Uses Toggl Plan?

Toggl Plan is applicable to businesses of all sizes, from SMBs to enterprises in need of a highly visual team project and work planning tool. The software is in use in many creative agencies and studios, consultancies, professional service providers, and various implementation teams. Customers include Airbnb, Netflix, Stripe, Amazon, The New York Times, Spotify, Boiler Room, Ascend Studio, and BuzzFeed.

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Toggl Plan Supported Language

Toggl Plan only supports English at the moment.

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Case Studies

Jim Walton is the Managing Director of a brand, design, and web studio based in London. Each project requires Jim and his team to get to know each client’s business and needs. With between 40 and 50 projects going on at any one time, the studio decided to replace the physical whiteboard with a digital one, Toggl Plan. Users can change and make adjustments in their workload as needed. They get a perfect balance of flexibility and structure with the software, keeping them focused and efficient.

Ada Enechi is a Senior Producer at a leading independent digital media company. At her previous employment, she was managing freelancers using Excel, which was a clunky and complicated tool for that particular use case. When she started with the new company, it was using Toggl Plan, which she found colorful and easy to use. It solved all the problems she had with Excel. And the timeline and color code features enabled her to juggle multiple projects simultaneously without problems.

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Why Choose Toggl Plan?

Toggl Plan is an intuitive project planning and schedule making tool more powerful than a spreadsheet. It is smarter yet easier to use than many Gantt chart software, providing drag-and-drop interface and visual cues for information-at-a-glance. The online tool is ideal for team collaboration and automatically provides updated information, so users can focus on their work instead of working on the tool.

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Company Info

Toggl Plan is a fully remote, privately held software company with head office in Tallin, Estonia. It began as a side project for internal use at Toggl, a company founded by Alari Aho and Krister Haav in 2007. Toggl Plan has been an independent company since 2017, with Alari as its Advisor. The small motivated team values transparency and works hard to make a simple and beautiful planning tool accessible for everyone.

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