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Overview Presentation

aha-logoAha! is a project management tool that helps users manage their product portfolio entirely. This tool gives project managers a better way of creating amazing strategies and visual roadmaps for their companies. The tool also uses a framework for both people and organizations interactions that facilitates free-flow of information and working towards goals achievement.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Focus on Business Goals – With Aha!, a project manager is able to set the business vision by analyzing the market and the customers. The market and customer analysis then helps the project managers to get ahead quickly by helping them map key strategic imperatives for their features and releases. With this tool you are able to set your vision that will guide you on your roadmap, explain your market and your competition. The vision enables you to build a business model, track goals, align strategic initiatives, define personas and monitor competitors.
  • Improved Release Management – Planning what the team will deliver and the time it will deliver it is important in project management and this tool offers a solution by improving the release planning. The project manager is able to dynamically build roadmap slides and to make its team automatically informed of any changes. The tool also integrates with engineering to do capacity planning, visualizes feature dependencies, tracks releases and ships the releases.
  • Prioritize Ideas and Organize Features – The tool helps employees, customers and other stakeholders to be innovative through its branded ideas portal that allows users to cast and submit their votes on features. The project manager is able to engage the users’ community, capture and manage their ideas, visualize the value of the ideas and then promote the ideas to the features. In addition, a project manager is able to view features as cards that can be dragged and dropped in the priority order that is preferred. The unscheduled items are stored in the parking lot backlog for future reference.

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Aha! offers a 30-day free trial for its customers to get a feel of the software before they pay anything. The user can get the Premium Plan for only $59 per user/month or the most popular Enterprise Plan for only $99 per product owner/month or the Enterprise+ Plan at only $149 per product owner/month. In addition, they offer a Startup Plan which is limited to 5 users. The tool therefore presents the user with options to easily choose from according to the type of organization.


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Target Market

Aha! is suitable for all project managers at all levels of project management. Both the startup companies and established ones will find this project management tool very useful.

Supported Languages

Aha! supports English language only.

Some of their Clients

Aha! is a trusted tool used by more than 30,000 users worldwide and still expanding strongly. Some of its users include Lush Cosmetics, Wiley, Aquicore, Atlas Medical, Best Doctors, Acquia, Acrobatiq and many more business users and companies.

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James Mallorie, Global Program Manager of Lush Cosmetics, loves Aha! because it combines all aspects of the company and brings them to a single place, enabling all employees to see the big picture.

Wen Zhang, Product Manager at Wiley, says that Aha! includes several key features that are often neglected by other project management tools.

Aaron Hyde, VP Product Management at MLS Listings, reveals that Aha! provides a common platform for all stakeholders, from executive team to product and development team and users, allowing efficient communication and achievement of goals.

Why Aha!

Aha! has helped over 30,000 users in project management field, and apart from its affordability, there is more about this tool that makes it preferable to other similar tools. This tool helps manage the entire project portfolio from one single place. This single tool focuses on strategy, releases and puts high priorities on key features to keep every project manager smiling about the improved performance.

Company Info

Aha! was founded by Brian de Haaff and Dr. Chris Waters, in the spring of 2013 in Mento Park, California. Both the founders have also worked on six cloud-based technology companies in Silicon Valley, where they have led product and engineering teams.

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