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Toggl Track is time tracking software that individuals and teams can use for any workflow or device. It’s easy to use and allows tracking via the web, desktop app, mobile app, or through integration with other apps. But if Toggl is not the right solution for your business, you can choose a free Toggl alternative. Read also: Toggl Software

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Toggl Alternatives: What to Look for

Toggl Track provides a free plan for up to five users. Several paid plans are also available, with more advanced features. However, users can find comprehensive capabilities from Toggl competitors for no (or less) cost. Here are the features to look for when checking into other time tracking solutions:
  • Unlimited free time tracking
  • Different options for time tracking, such as manually by timer, or automatically by duration
  • Option to track by projects, clients, and other categories or labels
  • Detailed reports with options to summarize, filter, and sort
  • Built-in visuals for reporting with options to save, schedule, send, and export data
  • Compatibility with other platforms and devices
  • Idle time detection
  • Billable and non-billable rates and tagging
  • Expense and budget tracking
  • Automated alerts and reminders
  • Team management and employee scheduling
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Best Free Toggl Time Tracking Alternatives

Time tracking and management apps save money; companies are able to reduce costs as they discover where they spend their hours. For users looking for time tracking options, we put together a list of Toggl alternatives so they can choose the right solution.

Zoho Invoice

Zoho Invoice is free invoicing software for small teams. It comes with time tracking features that allow users to track time and bill clients for hours spent on projects. Users can start the timer from their computer using the web, mobile app, or Apple Watch. Zoho Invoice logs billable minutes in a clear calendar format. From a project, users can log time for every task with a click of the timer button. With integrated invoicing features, users can send retainer invoices for advance payment. The app can also automatically add unbilled hours and billable expenses, allows tracking through the Dashboard, provides customized and restricted access to team members, and generates reports. Zoho Invoice


TopTracker is a free time tracking, invoicing, and payments app from Toptal, a freelancer marketplace. It offers free invoicing and payments features, timed screenshots, and activity level tracking. The application also runs online, or via a desktop app on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux Debian and RedHat platforms. TopTracker lets freelancers invoice clients and request payment for work tracked through its payments provider, Payoneer. This time management app works on different devices and has hotkeys for quick start and stop of timers. Other features include a centralized projects view, detailed productivity reports, and full privacy control for freelancers. TopTracker


Clockify is a completely free Toggl time tracking alternative for teams. It is both a time tracker and a timesheet app for tracking work hours across projects. Time management features let users track productivity, attendance, and billable hours. Users can track hours using a timer, log time in a timesheet, and manage time in a calendar. Clockify can also track apps and websites. Its reports show a breakdown of time by user and by project. Users can filter and customize reports, share data with others, and export it as PDF, CSV, or Excel. Other features include hourly rates, expense tracking, invoicing, and leave and holiday tracking. Clockify

Jibble is a free time clock app for employee time tracking. It is forever free for unlimited users on any device. Businesses use it for payroll, attendance, and project time tracking. The app turns any device into a time clock, so employees can clock in and out, take breaks, or switch activities. Jibble can also turn any iOS or Android phone into a GPS time tracker, tracking time for field employees or allowing companies to set up a geofence for location-based attendance. With AI facial recognition, the app verifies time entries via biometrics. Other features include work schedules management and reminders, attendance kiosk, automated timesheets, and activity tracking. Jibble


Harvest is easy-to-use time tracking software with invoicing tools. A free plan for a single user and up to two projects is available, which is ideal for freelancers. A premium plan includes support for unlimited users and projects. All plans include time tracking, apps for different devices, integrations, project and team reports, and invoicing and payments. Harvest lets users track time as they work using timers, or entering hours all at once in a weekly timesheet. Automated reminders help users track time consistently. Other features include reports on project progress, team capacity data, user details, invoice generation and sending, payment reports, and online payment for clients. Harvest


TimeCamp is fully automated and free time tracking software that runs on different devices. It lets users track time using several methods, such as clicking a timer button, through integration with other apps, or with graphic timesheets. This Toggl alternative can also track time based on keywords, so it will automatically track based on specific task and project keywords — without the user having to switch manually. TimeCamp’s graphical timesheet gives users time management information at a glance. Users can easily edit and adjust time entries with drag-and-drop functionality. Other tools include attendance, billing, employee productivity tracking, invoicing, timesheet approvals, and reporting. TimeCamp


Paymo is a work and project management tool that includes a free plan with a native time tracking app. It also offers paid plans for growing and larger teams. The software’s time tracker is available via the web, desktop, or mobile devices. Users can view time entries for the whole organization in daily, weekly, and monthly views. Paymo lets users track time using different methods, such as with web app timers, desktop widgets, automated tracking tool, mobile apps, click-and-drag timesheets, and bulk time entries. It also provides details in time entry cards and customized timesheets, with the option to toggle among different active, daily, weekly, monthly, and agenda views. The app is an integrated solution, allowing users to manage tasks, use project templates, send invoices, make estimates, and track expenses. Paymo


Dovico timesheet management and employee time tracking software offers a free plan for up to five users and 10 projects. Several paid plans are also available on a per-user, per-month basis, paid annually. The online timesheet management solution helps users track projects and labor costs. Dovico runs on iOS and Android apps, so users can track time wherever work happens. Dovico supports different modes of time tracking, such as entering time on timesheets, clicking start/stop timers, or adding time entries in bulk. It is among those Toggl competitors with features for project expense tracking, using simple expense entry and digital receipt attachments. Other features include automation and customization. Dovico


TrackingTime provides users an online solution clocking in and out. Teams can add and edit entries, as well as create timesheets and detailed reports. The software runs via the web,mobile apps, Chrome buttons, and through integration with project management software. TrackingTime has free version for up to three users, and this tier includes time and task tracking, as well as basic reporting features. It also includes email and in-app reminders and notifications, billable and non-billable working hours, and recurring time entries. Integrated task management and project tracking provide additional insights to measure remote worker productivity and monitor remote team workload in real time. TrackingTime


TMetric is time tracking software with a free plan that includes support for unlimited projects and clients. The app’s time tracking features let users capture time spent on every task and intervals. Users can get a detailed overview of time utilization, with the option to see apps and sites frequently used or visited. TMetric desktop apps allow setting of special reminders. The software can also detect idle time, zero activity, or a timer left running. It has offline features, mobile access, and integrations. Other features include invoicing, task management, app and site usage reports, and paid time off tracking. TMetric

My Hours

My Hours is all-in-one time tracking software to organize projects, track time, and report work. A free plan includes support for unlimited team members and projects. An affordable paid plan is also available, with priority support and extra features. My Hours is a Toggl alternative that can track both work hours and expenses. Users can track project profitability with hourly rates and add detailed descriptions to their time logs and expenses. With work broken down as projects and tasks, and assigned to team members, teams can prioritize tasks, set an estimated budget and billable rates, manage rate changes, and track time with all the details. My Hours Back to top

Ready to Try a Free Toggl Alternative?

Toggl Track time tracking enables users to track time easily, keep projects on track, and discover insights to improve productivity and project management. But it’s not for everybody. This list can help users get their search started for a Toggl alternative that will fit their team and requirements.

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