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TeamDesk is an online database software that is easily accessible and fully customizable. Users can build their database with the help of a predefined database template or from scratch. Costly custom software development is not the only choice anymore to manage business information. Companies can build their database that reflect their unique structure and requirements and then modify applications online the way they want to and whenever they need to.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Numerous predefined DB templates to start fromTeamDesk makes it easy to start and build a company’s online database whatever its business is. They can choose from featured databases by function or by industry. For example, it has a predefined all-in-one project management database template that can dramatically improve teamwork, prevent delays, and provide organized and systematic task assignment. Other templates available are for clients and fees, invoicing, leads management, real estate, and training events. Users can choose templates by function such as for finance, HRD, and IT, or by industry such as education, healthcare, professional services and more.
  • Expert support to build your own database – Aside from choosing a predefined DB template is to build one’s database from scratch. A business may be unique in its workflow, structure, operation or market such that it does not really fall exactly into an existing category. However, this online database software also offers expert service in helping companies build a system that work for one’s needs through discussion with the client, determination and confirmation of workflow logic, creation of a ready-to-use database, and a solution specifically designed for one’s needs.
  • Simple and flexible solution – Instead of buying overly complex and expensive enterprise database software, companies can choose just the right solution at a particular stage of the business. Capital expenditures are kept at a minimum with a flexible pricing plan that can be adjusted as one’s growth happens. So, depending on the number of database and users, companies can plan for and adjust their monthly subscription expenses. But since fees include for unlimited applications and storage space, they can maximize the use of their data to be more productive and consequently profitable.


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TeamDesk offers the Starter Edition, Team Edition, and Enterprise Edition plans. All plans already include unlimited applications, records, storage space and customer support. The Starter Edition includes for 5 users at $49 per month for one database. The Team Edition at $99 per month includes for 10 users for one database and price packs for extra users. The Enterprise Edition at $249 per month includes also for 10 users but with unlimited databases. Also included are a sub-domain, custom branding, manageable user list, IP address filtering and password policies. It offers a 14-day free trial.

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Target Market

TeamDesk is ideal for individual entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses, as well as large corporate departments. It is highly suitable for business users, project managers, team leaders, HR managers, IT managers, sales and marketing personnel. It is for persons and workgroup that need ready access to real-time information through an online database.

Supported Languages

This online database software supports English, Irish, German, Dutch, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Russian, Polish, Czech, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, Arabic, Turkish, Hebrew and others.

Some of their Clients

Clients include Alfaprint, Marquis Broadcast, RAM Universal, Stobel Warehousing and Distribution, Microgen Engine Corporation, and Monarch Telecom.

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Baret Kay of Monarch Telecom described how TeamDesk provided them with the ability to roll out business processes in zero time, to modify quickly, to have the information available for everyone, with nothing to download or upgrade and have efficient and very fast support with all their enquiries.

Jimmy Irani of RAM Universal stated that the centralized online database collected all required CVs, vacancies, and profiles, prevented double entry, kept better data accuracy, and saved the company loads of time.

Why TeamDesk

TeamDesk online database software brings all the benefits of a centralized and very accessible source of accurate data with a customizable web-based application solution. It is a simple but very flexible option for many organizations but superb for startups and those who have unique requirements but not interested in having its own custom development team.

Company Info

TeamDesk is a product of ForeSoft Corporation, a privately held company based in Long Grove, Lake County, IL., northwest of Chicago. The company has been in business since 2001 and has customers in many countries all over the world. Its other products include CRMDesk, an online customer support software; BUGtrack, a web-based bug, issue and project tracking software; and dbFLEX, a cloud platform for building, selling and delivering on-demand business applications. The company remains committed in building state-of-the-art web-based software that provides integrated online solutions.

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  1. Joseph says:

    Our experience with TeamDesk is less than good. The database can get slow, very slow. When you bring it to their attention, they blame you. Not recommended.

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