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Knack is a user-friendly, no-code online database platform that allows individuals and organizations to build custom web applications. It lets users like small businesses, enterprise corporations, educational institutions, and NGOs develop and deploy digital solutions quickly using an intuitive builder. These users can manage customer relationships, track inventory, or manage employee data with web apps that help improve overall productivity and organization.

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Knack Features and Strengths

No-code Data Management and App Builder

Knack is an online database that provides easy-to-use tools to define the data and create the structure and connections that a user’s app will store and use. It has intuitive, visual builders for designing and customizing the interface. Users can deploy their apps by embedding it directly on websites. The apps will run on any device of any size. It includes permission controls for different users.

Users can select from dozen of templates for a quick start. The database platform has admin and maintenance tools such as for copying, migrating, importing, exporting, and batch updating. Other tools included are for backups, data restores, and security. The database includes various field types, from text and numbers to images and formulas. Users can customize the interface with custom color schemes, upload their own logos, and use CSS and jQuery for complete customization.

Knack screen shot.

Example of Knack’s interface.

Views and Reports

Knack offers a library of flexible views for users to choose from as they build their interface. It has forms to insert and update records, tables that display records in multiple rows and columns, lists with flexible layouts, and searches by keywords and filters. Other views include a detailed display of individual records, graphical calendars, and maps with pinned addresses. Each view includes different customizable features and details layouts.

The online database includes several types of reports that can display line, bar, pie charts, and pivot tables. Users can group records and perform running calculations on these groups. They can run totals, average, minimum, and maximum, as well as count the number of records in each group. They can also group multiple reports to create a dashboard.

User Login, E-commerce, Workflows, and More

Knack includes the placement of a user login interface to control which user can access which page of the app. Linked records ensures that users can access only their data within the app. The platform also has features for user roles, user status, and user management. In-app payments, custom charges, and integration with popular payment processes like Stripe and PayPal enable users to create e-commerce web apps and sites.

Its workflow tools include notifications and reminders, scheduled tasks, approvals and life cycles, and status indicators to provide real-time information. Developers can extend the functionality of their apps with Zapier integration, RESTful API, Javascript, and CSS. The platform also has built-in tabs, links, and menus to help app users navigate and find the right page quickly.

Knack Pricing

Knack offers several plans with varying levels of features and support. Knack pricing depends on feature limits and not on a per user basis. All plans include unlimited users, reports, and a graduated number of API calls. Interested parties can try the software free for 14 days.

  • The Starter Plan at $49 per month is for small businesses and individuals who want to create simple applications. It includes up to 3 individual applications that users can build, 2GB file storage, up to 20,000 database records, 1000 API calls per day, and basic support through email and instant messaging with 1-2 business days response time.
  • The Pro Plan at $99 per month includes up to 8 apps, 10GB file storage, 50,000 database records, and 5000 API calls per day. It also provides priority support with a maximum of 1 business day response. It has additional features like e-commerce, scheduled tasks, as well as maps and geo-location.
  • The Corporate Plan at $219 per month includes all features in the Pro plan. It also includes up to 25 apps, 50GB file storage, 125,000 database records, and 10,000 API calls per day. Advanced features include white label, IP blocking, SSO, and app restore. Its premier support promises same business day response.

Who Uses Knack?

Knack is for businesses of all sizes from freelancers and SMBs, to large firms and organizations. It is applicable in commercial enterprises, digital businesses, educational institutions, government offices, and non-profits. Customers include Zendesk, City of Philadelphia, Oxfam, Ingersoll Rand, MIT, Alzheimer’s Association, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Historic Christ Church and Museum, and Edwards Moving & Rigging.

Knack Supported Languages

The Knack Builder is only in English, but users can localize their Live App’s language settings in the following languages: English, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Italian, Dutch, Czech, Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian.

Case Studies

Patrick Heffernan, PhD, is a researcher at a colonial parish church and museum located in Weems, Virginia. In 2014, he started a project tracking slave histories by recording historical letters on his PC. He soon realized that he needed a tool to help sift through and catalog the data. Knack allowed Dr. Heffernan to start immediately even though he considers himself a newcomer in terms of working on databases.

Since then Dr. Heffernan has been able to build a comprehensive app to store, organize, and analyze slave historical records. It provides significant historical conclusions and helps people to connect with their ancestry. Certain Knack features help organize the app and navigate records, giving the app more of a website feel than a database.

Matt Warren is a project manager for a a leading construction and rigging company based in Shelbyville, Kentucky. The company had previously invested in various tools that failed to provide desired outcomes. One of Warren’s tasks is to find a centralized project management solution flexible enough to accommodate very unique use cases.

Warren encountered Knack while looking for customizable templates. He quickly discovered its no-code, customization features that is user-friendly and allowed him to create a custom solution for the company. He started with a simple form that expanded in functionality over the years to include management of more operations, including permits, equipment rentals, railcar tracking, and trucking loads. Since implementing Knack software, the company has seen significant improvements in its operations, reporting increased productivity and a reduction in overall project delivery time.

Why Choose Knack?

Knack software provides businesses an efficient and cost-effective way of building web applications that fit their unique needs. The no-code platform excels at managing data and simplifies development of databases, capturing of information, and analysis of data. Its visual, drag-and drop interface helps reduce and even avoid the complexities and cost of building database systems from scratch. Additionally, it offers automation and customization capabilities that help streamline processes and improves productivity.

Company Info

Evenly Odd, Inc., doing business as Knack, is a privately held software company with headquarters in Philadelphia. It was founded in 2010 by Brandon Griggs and Eric Katherman. After two years of customer research and development, Knack officially launches as a no-code online database platform. Today, it continues to accelerate its growth through partnerships so companies can connect their data, teams, and customers with increased visibility and improved operational excellence.

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