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Node14 is a customizable business database software that can be quickly set up at minimum cost. It offers more robust features than spreadsheets but is easier to use than more pricey and complex solutions in the market. Node14 lets you build the database application that is right for your business and provide you the information and insights from your data that you can immediately put to use.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Node14 Database EngineNode14 is powered by its proprietary database engine. It is a flexible solution that allows customization and rapid deployment. The software is entirely web based, so it requires only a web browser to access. The intuitive interface requires no coding or database query language skills from the user. Reporting, dashboards, and widgets refresh in real time.
  • Reporting and Customization – The business database software includes dashboards and widgets that can be placed at various locations and levels for the user to view data in different ways. A report builder allows users to build, view, and download reports from their data as needed. Filter any piece of data in the system and combine filters to create complex reports. Other features include customized pipeline/Kanban view, dynamic filters for specific time periods, categorization of report types, and customizable sorting and grouping. Custom code-based reports can be provided by the company as a service. Users can create sections or collections of specific type of data. Unlimited rich field types such as drop-downs, dates, text boxes, and encrypted passwords have customizable options.
  • Security and Support – Node14 backs up customer data in geographically separated and secured redundant systems. Backup service is automatically provided for all accounts by default. Multiple data centers and spare servers can be used in the event of hardware or connection failure. Granular security configurations and automatically expiring keys secure shared data to the public internet. Web traffic is protected by RSA 2048-bit SSL encryption. User accounts are protected by a lock policy, and suspicious activity is automatically reported for investigation. Every performed action is audited automatically on the system by default and audited data is retained for the lifetime of the account. Email, phone, and on-site meeting support and consulting is available by request, as well as training, data migration, and custom integrations.



Node14 offers straightforward pricing that can be paid month-by-month as you go or annually. The Basic plan is priced at $299.99 per month paid annually (or $329.99 month-by-month) and includes up to 5 users, 10 GB of file storage, and an initial 30,000 data rows. Higher plans are the Standard plan at $449.99 per month paid annually and the Plus plan at $674.99 per month paid annually. Additional data rows can be purchased without switching plans. Additional storage is proportionally charged per GB. Any additional user will be charged per user. Optional support and consulting via email, phone, and on-site meeting are offered and billed in quarter hour increments for issues not caused by Node14 software. A 45-day money-back guarantee is offered on monthly service fees. Schedule a personalized demo to try the software.

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Node14 is ideal for startups, small businesses, professional services providers, and growing companies across industries.

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Why Node14

Node14 offers a professional business database software that lets you use your most valuable asset — your data — more easily, quickly, and securely. It is a better alternative than spreadsheets or other apps meant for purposes other than building, viewing, and reporting on your data. The solution is customizable to fit your project management requirements and requires little to no training for quick deployment.

Company Info

Node14 LLC is a privately held business database software and consulting firm based in Lake In The Hills, IL. The company focuses on data organization and development speed. The Node14 Database Engine, its flagship product, minimizes the time and cost it takes for users to get their data tracked, secured, automated, and available.

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