Project Management in 21st Century

Although, the word project management is not much old but people have been using the concept of project management since the old time. Our ancestors definitely required some processes, methods and strategies for executing huge projects such as making pyramids, constructing large buildings, garden etc. They used most of the modern project management techniques but in a different manner. 21st century brought revolution in almost every profession. People adopted latest technology in everything they did. Human life never went through such huge changes as that in the recent years. Same is the case with project management. It has completely changed in the 21st century. Various new trends and strategies have been adopted and old trends have been outdated with the passage of time.

The purpose of this article is to analyze the changes adopted in project management in 21st century. If we go back to 20th century then people rarely listened or used the word project management. Local or general routine based tools were used in every project that is why the cost of completing a project was relatively higher and more time was consumed due to lack of time management. Following are some of the distinguishing features of project management in 21st century that differentiate it from those conservative project management methods used before 21st century.

More Practical and Realistic

Project management in 21st century is more practical and realistic as compared to that in the past. Now project managers set practical and realistic goals that can be achievable instead of setting goals just based on their personal wish or liking.

More Technical

Project management is much technical these days. Now, we use various charts, diagrams, models, graphs and other tools to set our project standards and measure our growth. This is the age of information technology. Now we complete almost 80% of our written work specially planning phase of the project by using computers and internet.

Focus on Minute Details

Before 21st century, people used to work on various projects and some of them were also successful but their rate was very low. Moreover focus was not given to minute details such as keeping documentation, time management, change management, risk management etc. Due to lack of attention, most of the projects didn’t give desired results but these days’ project managers focus on every single matter which can affect the project. This not only decreases the chances of failure but also increases your productivity.

The projects managers of current age are highly professional and skilled. They are well equipped with latest technology. They know the art of completing project successfully within minimum resources but this is not the limit. There is much more to explore. I am sure the project management in next decades will be much better than now.

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