Microsoft Introduces To-Do Task Management App – Goodbye Wunderlist

Microsoft Office is a suite of applications for a wide range of users. Individuals, teams, professionals and enterprises are able to choose from a range of products, versions and services that enable them to be more productive and collaborative. In June 2015, Microsoft acquired the makers of Wunderlist, a popular task management application. Task management is an essential process in today’s world. Individuals and groups alike use these applications to help them organize and manage their jobs and to-dos to achieve their goals. On April 19, 2017, Microsoft announced that it is launching To-Do, a task management app.

From Wunderlist to To-Do

Microsoft To-Do is a task management app powered by Office 365 integration. The company announced that it was the output of the same team that created Wunderlist, with a promise to deliver smarter, more personal and intuitive features. Wunderlist is a productivity tool that helps individuals and teams handle both personal and professional to-dos in a simple but delightful way. To-Do is described as Microsoft’s first step in a journey to simplify task management. To-Do is currently available for Microsoft customers with Business Essentials, Business Premium, Enterprise E1, E3 and E5 subcriptions. It will be available to more as time goes on. An importer has been built by the team to help users transfer their to-dos from Wunderlist or Todoist to To-Do.

A List for Anything

To-Do aims to help people stay organized everyday and get the most out of it every time. Users can create a list for work, for home projects, for groceries and just about anything. It is easy for them to keep track of their deadlines with the help of reminders, due dates and notes. Users can even personalize their lists with colorful themes. To-Do lists will be available across devices, on the iPhone, Android, Windows 10 devices and on the web.

Intelligent Suggestions

Microsoft To-Do is envisioned to be the smarter task management app using an intelligent algorithm. With the Intelligent Suggestions feature, users will be able to manage their to-dos and lists in a simpler and more intuitive way. Each morning, the My Day page starts out clean and blank, giving the user the opportunity to be more intentional in what he or she wants to get done. By tapping the lightbulb icon, Intelligent Suggestions provide ideas such as:

  • To-dos from the day before
  • What’s due or upcoming, and
  • Other helpful suggestions based on the smart algorithm.

When selected, these items will be added on the My Day screen.

Integration with Office 365

The new To-Do is built on and powered by Office 365. In the future, the product will be more available. The first integration is with Outlook that allows users to work closely with and manage their Outlook Tasks from anywhere. Tasks automatically sync with To-Dos and can be accessed across devices. Built on Microsoft’s enterprise cloud, security is the same with Office 365, with data encryption both in transit and at rest. The To-Do can be enabled through the Office 365 admin center.

Users are Confused!

However, at this early stage, some accessibility and integration issues are experienced by users. For instance, Microsoft described Planner as designed to help customers organize teamwork, while To-Do is meant to help individuals plan and manage their daily to-dos. This confuses some customers, who believe that there should be no distinction between managing teamwork and individual to-dos. They feel that instead of building competing products, MS should work on a more integrated solution that is accessible in all their applications.

Coming Features

Microsoft To-Do is now available and made possible with the support and input from Wunderlist users. In the future, Microsoft plans to bring more favorite features from Wunderlist into To-Do. Such planned features include list sharing, apps for Mac, for iPad and Android tablets, and other integrations with Microsoft’s own services. They also announced that when they have incorporated the best of Wunderlist into To-Do, they aim to retire Wunderlist the app, but the team continues on to make To-Do more useful, intuitive and personal. Therefore, Wunderlist and Wunderlist Pro will not have any new features anymore up to the time they sign off. To learn more about this new app, integrations and other updates, visit Microsoft Office also on Facebook or Twitter.

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