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Fusioo is an online database service that allows teams to build their custom database for their specific needs. Users can collect, track and manage their data and customize their application for a variety of purposes such as project management, CRM or issue tracking. They can start using their database without help from expert coders or IT professionals. Moreover, users can collaborate with both internal and external partners in a secure way. It is also affordable by everyone, as users buy only the apps and functionality they need when they need it.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Custom Project Management Application – Fusioo online database allows users to work the way they want to. As every business and workflow is unique, this application builder enables users to define what they need to track and manage. The simple interface allows them to choose the fields every project, task, ticket or any other type of record will consist. Field types include text, numbers, date, tick box, file, URL, email, lists, links, math calculations and others. Dashboards will then display these records for immediate tracking. Users also have the option to start from scratch or find the ready-made tools and templates in the marketplace. Some of the other use case templates available for quick setup and start are for CRM for small business, agency management system, remote team management and small business software.
  • Collaboration for Team and Clients – The online database service is flexible enough to accommodate changes that the team deems necessary. They can easily add extra fields that may be needed, such as priority, deliverables or meeting fields. The team can readily view these important updates or status changes with charts for information at a glance. Aside from internal teams, clients or external partners can be configured as Lite Users, free of charge, allowing them to view and comment on records for better and real-time communication and collaboration.
  • Permission-based and Secure Platform – Fusioo allows administrators to create roles and permissions to reduce information leakage and keep data intact. These configurations are easily set by simply ticking the fields that correspond to actions that users can make. Customer data are stored on ISO27001/27002-compliant Microsoft Azure servers. Database backups and backup of the backups are done hourly. Data is replicated geographically across multiple data centers for safety in case of localized natural disasters.

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Fusioo online database service provides a simple pricing scheme based on the number of user. Charges are $26 per user on a month-by-month billing or $19 per user per month on an annual basis. Lite Users are free of charge. VAT may be charged depending on the company or country. A free 14-day trial period is available.

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Target Market

Fusioo is ideal for freelancers, consultants, professional service providers, startups and small to mid-sized enterprises. Teams or companies that have no or limited IT personnel can gain most benefit in availing of the hosted service.

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Some of their Clients

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Brian Smith stated that in evaluating for an app builder tool, he and his team chose Fusioo as it had “more robust permission settings and better value for money, with full reporting included in the base price.”

Why Fusioo

Fusioo provides a single and secure platform where companies can build the tools that reflect the way they manage data or follow a specific process or workflow. They can build only the tools they need at a certain time, and also control cost as they scale up or down the number of users. The publication of their feature roadmap also provides transparency and engagement to customers and future users as well.

Company Info

Fusioo is a product of Fusioo Ltd, a privately held IT and services company with headquarters in Luqa, Malta. It was founded in 2013 by brothers Andre and Stefan Gauci. Their idea of a virtual marketplace of apps is something that businesses will find relevant and useful, because customers can buy only what they need when they need it. Furthermore, all the apps will be able to talk and integrate with each other since they are all running in one platform. Since then, they have steadily added more use cases for their online database service. The launch in public last November 2015 of their roadmap shows their ongoing development work that includes an improved app builder, a new image field type, more marketplace apps and future work on a public API and mobile apps.

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