6 Best Project Management Software for Small Teams In 2024


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Project management software for small teams helps organizations balance the numerous priorities and deliverables of managing and organizing project. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best project management software for small teams to help ease your burden so you can spend less time stressing and more time hitting your goals. 

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Our Picks: Top Project Management Software for Small Teams

nOtion logo.

Notion: Best Overall Pick for Small Teams

Small teams don’t have the luxury of large project management offices or extensive internal departments to help support project work and that means more work components to manage. Notion offers small teams the best of both worlds with flexible project management features and the ability to document team operation standards, house project documentation, and much more.

Example of a note page template in Notion, with navigation bar shown on left.
Example of a note page template in Notion, with navigation bar shown on left.

Key Features

Homespace overview: The home tab allows users to quickly access and review essential projects, pages, individual task assignments, and more that can be customized to each user’s preference.

In-app calendar booking: Users can now manage their calendars without leaving the app, as appointment setting and calendar management tools are now available within Notion. 

Single stroke command customizations: Notion is designed to work intuitively to meet users’ needs, all from a single “/” command, which pulls up a menu of customization options for each page. 

Pro and Cons


  • Multiple view options: Notion gives users a wide range of project views to choose from, such as table, board, timeline (Gantt), calendar, list, and gallery.
  • Wiki capabilities: In addition to project management, Notion functions as a team wiki for housing team operating procedures, training, and more.
  • Automation options: Notion offers task and work automations to make repetitive tasks easier.


  • No dashboards: Notion does not offer any project analytics views at this time to explore project data.
  • Project limitations: Managing multiple projects or projects with complex needs would be difficult using Notion.
  • No end-to-end encryption: There is no end-to-end encryption available in Notion, which raises security concerns for some.

Why We Chose Notion

Notion shines as a great all-around option for small teams who have a limited budget or limited project management experience but need the capabilities to support a wide range of project and team needs. The flexibility of Notion gives teams the ability to take care of multiple business needs within one solution while providing them with a centralized hub for project management and documentation. 

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Zoho Projects logo.

Zoho Projects: Best Budget-Friendly Option

Zoho Projects has been around for a long time, and over the years, teams of all shapes and sizes have come to love it for its relatively simple interface, wide range of features, and low price point. With numerous other native integration options, including the full suite of Zoho products, small businesses can grow safely without worrying about Zoho’s ability to scale to meet their needs.

Example of the home screen interface in Zoho Projects, including navigation bar on left.
Example of the home screen interface in Zoho Projects, including navigation bar on left.

Key Features

Universal add: Users can quickly add users, tasks, issues, events, or documents using the quick-add button within Zoho’s interface.

Roll-up summary: Roll-up calculations automatically summarize worked hours and total hours logged to estimate a project’s percentage toward completion. 

Chat feature: Zoho Projects offers teams the ability to chat instantly within the application, either one-on-one or in a group. 


  • Sprint support: Zoho Sprints, the agile project management tool, is a native integration with Zoho Projects that supports the needs of agile and scrum teams.
  • Custom options: Customization options such as custom code additions, statuses, views, and fields to help you personalize the solution to your team’s needs.
  • Time tracking: Built-in timers enable teams to time individual tasks and projects as a whole to better estimate timelines.


  • Mobile limitations: The mobile version of Zoho Projects is notably limited compared to the traditional desktop version.
  • Learning curve: Compared to other solutions mentioned, Zoho Projects has a higher learning curve.
  • Lack of AI features: If AI features are a priority for your team, Zoho Projects wouldn’t be a great pick based on a lack of substantial AI features.

Why We Chose Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is by far one of the most affordable project management solutions on the market today with a starter plan sitting at just $4 per user/month, making it a strong choice for small businesses. What’s more, Zoho Projects offers extremely flexible features and integration options for teams that need the flexibility to scale over time. 

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monday logo.

monday work management: Best for Templates

Small teams need every advantage they can get when it comes to tackling complex projects—and project templates make any setup much easier. monday.com is a flexible work management solution that enables teams to get started quickly through over 200 template options that are designed to fit the needs of various industries and use cases.

Example of a project template designed to fit the needs of a marketing team. Source: monday.com, accessed March 2024.
Example of a project template designed to fit the needs of a marketing team. Source: monday.com, accessed March 2024.

Key Features

Apps marketplace: In addition to existing features, monday.com connects to an app marketplace for teams that want to scale their solution over time as the business grows. 

Customization options: monday.com users can select not only customized templates but also color codes, unique column labels, types, and tags. 

Unique views: Users can visualize projects in numerous ways, from calendar view to board view and even view filters unique to each specific team member.


  • Notification options: Notification systems can be automated into other applications, such as Slack, to ensure all key stakeholders are kept in the loop.
  • Detailed dashboard views: monday.com is great at displaying personalized project dashboards, at a micro or macro view, including the ability to monitor multiple projects. 
  • Intuitive interface: Even those who are less experienced with project management software can intuitively navigate monday’s interface. 
  • Frequent updates: monday.com is updated frequently, which means that any potential lags or bugs are worked out quickly.


  • Integration linking: Integrations occasionally come unlinked, requiring users to reconnect, which can be tedious. 
  • Price point: monday is more expensive than other solutions, especially with a growing team. 

Why We Chose monday.com

The ability to attach documents, update team members, and store essential project info makes monday.com a top pick for small teams that require flexibility. What’s more, monday.com makes it easier for teams who are short on time or experience to easily initiate and begin projects by using customized templates. While it can be a tad pricey compared to other choices, monday.com offers a host of appealing features for small teams.

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smartsheet logo

Smartsheet: Best for Excel Users

Eventually, most small businesses will make the leap to true project management software from other solutions, most commonly spreadsheet-focused solutions like Excel. Smartsheet is a fully loaded project management solution that mimics the appearance and functionality of spreadsheets. 

Smartsheet's Critical Path View make it a top pick for best project management software.
Smartsheet’s critical path view helps teams visualize deliverables and dates in a logical, linear way. Source: Smartsheet.

Key Features

Subtasks and task dependencies: Subtasks and task dependencies can be set to further clarify the relationship between tasks and break down large tasks into smaller ones.

WorkApps add-on: SmartSheet’s WorkApps feature allows users to build no-code solutions to fit unique business needs, such as personalized views, unique applications, and tailored collections of data and information. 

Multiple assignees: Smartsheet supports multiple task assignees within tasks.


  • Familiar layout: Smartsheet’s interface is familiar for Excel users, decreasing the learning curve significantly for new users. 
  • Task management options: Task-focused teams have many options to break down and personalize tasks. 
  • Unlimited on base plans: Base paid plans include unlimited sheets, forms, and reports.


  • User limitations: Smartsheet only allows a max of 10 users for their base paid plan, which can be constricting for smaller teams that have more than 10 users but not enough to justify upgrading plans.
  • Plan pricing: Plan pricing jumps significantly at the Business level or higher which can alienate growing teams.
  • Add ons required: Teams that need resource management and time tracking must pay for add ons.

Why We Chose Smartsheet

Smartsheet combines a familiar interface with the capabilities that small teams need most, from detailed task management features to multi-user assignments and more. While there are user limitations on the base-level paid plan, small teams of under 10, particularly those who have Excel experience, will feel right at home using Smartsheet for any project needs.

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todoist logo.

Todoist: Best for Individual Task Management

Todoist is a checklist-style project management platform designed to give users advanced insights into their personal deadlines and reminders.

Designed to function as an advanced type to-do list, Todoist is a great pick for micro teams or individuals who need a more focused task checklist solution to use in combination with other project management solutions. And what Todoist lacks in analytics capabilities, it more than makes up for in task management options, meeting planning features, project-tracking functions, and more.

Key Features

Quick-add tasks: Users can instantly add tasks and reminders quickly using a button at the top of their homepage. 

Workload sharing and task assignments: For Business plan users in particular, tasks can easily be delegated by searching for and clicking on the name of another user. Notifications let users know when they’re tagged in tasks or when people post comments or complete tasks.

Productivity management and visualization: Weekly and monthly productivity visuals are colorful and easy to read. Activity history and completed tasks archive can both be filtered by project or person. Todoist Karma gives individuals the power to track and reward their own productivity.


  • Admin controls: Admin users have the option to set up either team-managed or company-managed projects with granular tasks and dependencies.
  • Automation options: Extensive automation capabilities are available even in the free plan.
  • Task customization: Highly customizable task issues and the overall interface are designed to fit individual user needs. 


  • No analytics: Todoist does not offer any project analytics or dashboards. 
  • Multi-project management: Solo projects are preferred in Todoist – hosting more than one project can be confusing based on the design. 
  • Limited upload and storage capacity: Limited file upload and storage capacity compared to many other task management solutions.

Why We Chose Todoist

Todoist is a great entry-level pick for small project teams to use either as a standalone tool for simple projects or as an extra resource for individual punchlists. The interface is extremely user-friendly and reminiscent of Apple’s Reminder app, which makes it an accessible choice for anyone to use. What’s more, Todoist is a great tool for professional and project goal setting.

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ClickUp logo.

ClickUp: Best Integrated Solution

ClickUp is an exceptional project management tool that provides an extensive range of features and functionalities, making it a valuable investment, especially for small teams. With its user-friendly interface and intuitive design, ClickUp allows teams to collaborate efficiently and effectively, streamlining project workflows and increasing productivity. Furthermore, the tool offers a comprehensive set of project management capabilities, including task management, time tracking, file sharing, and communication tools. The pricing plans are flexible and affordable, offering great value for money.

ClickUp Task List.
ClickUp Task List Source: ClickUp.com accessed April 2024


  • Value for money: ClickUp offers decent features even in a free forever plan, including unlimited tasks a kanban board, and whiteboards, among others.
  • Wide integrations: For small teams that have established processes, it may not always be easy to migrate completely. ClickUp offers several integrations with popular tools such as Slack, Github, Dropbox, and more, so teams can consolidate operations even if they can’t completely migrate.
  • Prebuilt templates: For small teams, time is of the essence. ClickUp offers prebuilt templates that can be usable across industries. This makes setup much easier so teams can always be up and running.


  • Can be clunky: ClickUp tends to become slow when processing large amounts of information.
  • Mobile app needs improvement: ClickUp’s web and desktop clients are intuitive and easy to use, but the mobile version, while still functional, can use a design update in terms of usability.

Why We Chose ClickUp

For small teams to maximize their efficiency, they must be highly organized. This entails having streamlined communications and ensuring that all necessary information and resources are easily accessible in one centralized location. ClickUp offers an integrated solution that caters to these needs. With its native features, ClickUp not only provides project management capabilities but also facilitates brainstorming, ideation, time tracking, resource management, documentation, and more. 

How to Choose the Best Project Management Solution for Small Teams

When looking to purchase a project management tool for your small team, consider trying out a few free trials and narrowing down the choice to one or two options that work best for your industry and type of work. In addition to cost, it is important to take several factors into consideration. Here are three key factors to keep in mind as you shop.

Consider what you need the project management software to accomplish.

Do you need a tool that can help you track tasks and deadlines, manage resources, and collaborate with team members? Are you looking for software with advanced reporting and analytics features to help you make data-driven decisions?

Make a list of your specific needs and goals to ensure the software you choose can meet them.

The usability and user experience of the software are critical factors to consider. The software should be intuitive and easy to navigate, with a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to manage tasks, communicate with team members, and track progress.

You can ask for a free trial or demo to evaluate the software before making a purchase

Consider the total cost of ownership, including the upfront and ongoing costs of the software. Look for software that offers a pricing model that is transparent and aligned with your budget. Beware of hidden costs, such as training fees or additional fees for support or upgrades.

Consider the value of the software based on the features and benefits it offers, and whether it can help you achieve your specific goals.

Still More Software Suggestions

Need integration with current tools?

If you are looking for project management software that offers integrations with other tools you already use, such as email, chat, or calendar applications, to help streamline your workflows, consider ClickUp.`If you are looking for project management software that offers integrations with other tools you already use, such as email, chat, or calendar applications, to help streamline your workflows, consider ClickUp.

Read more in our ClickUp review

Looking for unmatched support for your team?

Consider the level of customer support and training available, including online resources, tutorials, and live support, to ensure you can get help when you need it. If this is a key consideration for you, then consider trying out Nifty PM or Asana.

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Need to prevent vendor lock-in?

Be aware of the risks of vendor lock-in, where you become reliant on one vendor’s software and are unable to switch to other software options in the future. Consider choosing a vendor that offers open APIs and data export options, so you can easily transfer your data to another system if needed. ClickUp, Wrike, and Trello are good choices when considering future needs.

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