Top 10 Zoho Projects Integrations to Improve Your Workflow


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Zoho Projects has grown to become a preferred tool by small and starting businesses because it is affordable and easy to use. And with Zoho Projects integrations, the platform becomes even more powerful. Here are our choices for the 10 most useful Zoho Projects integrations.

Top 10 Integrations

Teams in consulting services, educational institutions, marketing, real estate, and other industries use Zoho Projects to plan their projects, track progress, and collaborate with team members. However, with available integrations to other applications, users can go far beyond project planning and improve their overall work processes as well as day-to-day workflow.

Here are 10 of our favorite Zoho Projects integrations that can help boost your productivity.


Zapier is a workflow automation software that connects apps and moves information between them automatically. You may be using other business software that does not directly integrate with Zoho Projects. However, by integrating the PM tool with Zapier, you can instantly connect it with thousands of tools to automate work. For instance, Azure DevOps, GitHub, Salesforce, Xero, and many others can now be integrated through Zapier.

Zoho Flow

Another workflow automation software is Zoho Flow. By integrating it with Zoho Projects, you can automate business workflows by connecting the PM tool with other applications you use, automating the flow of information, for example, for routine tasks. Teams can build workflows that span across departments or other units across your organization. While you plan and track projects with the PM software, Zoho Flow allows you to automate the flow of information to and from other cloud apps.


Many teams today use email as their central hub of communication and workflow. Gmail is one of the most popular web email applications today, and Zoho Projects integrate with Gmail as an add-on to the email app. This means that after installing Zoho Projects as an add-on to Gmail, the PM tool’s icon will now appear on the right panel of your email app. You can now add tasks or issues to your PM software directly from Gmail without having to leave it open or switch to Zoho Projects.

Office 365

Another integration that can help improve your workflow is with Microsoft Office 365. If your company uses the Office suite, it makes sense to integrate it with your PM tool. The integration allows you to import Office 365 users to Zoho Projects, so you can do many things without duplication of effort. For instance, you can access the PM software using the Office 365 single sign-on, import Office users to your Projects portal, import users to a specific project, manage action cards, add tasks to your Office account from Zoho Projects, and more.


Microsoft Excel is a common and favorite software that is easy to use and manipulate. Zoho Projects can import data from XLS files. Since more people use Excel, they tend to do everything with it. And since not everyone has to be in Zoho Projects to make it more affordable, it can be necessary to get information from Excel into the PM software. Excel integration can help minimize the time spent in getting information into Projects.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is popular not only as a web application, but more so as a mobile app. With the Zoho Projects integration, you can embed project events created in the PM tool into Google Calendar. The integration activates a sync between the two apps, so it is easy to track your project milestones, tasks, and meetings. They will all be displayed in your Google Calendar, whether in your browser, or on your mobile device.


Collaboration is built-in with Zoho Projects with features such as feeds, forums, and pages. It also has a chat feature through built-in chat rooms. Here, everyone can quickly come together to discuss important topics using only their browser. However, with the current pricing scheme, if you are on the Standard plan, you can only use the chat feature for one project. If your company is already using Slack for your communication, then you can instead integrate the PM tool with Slack for more effective team communication. You can push project updates to Slack feeds and manage project activities. Slack integration is available for all plans.


Zendesk is a customer support ticketing software. Integration with Zoho Projects allows you to associate a ticket from Zendesk with an issue or task in the PM tool. Therefore, tickets or issues can be tracked better and managed accurately without the need for double entry and problems related to it. This ensures that customer support teams and project teams can collaborate more effectively to resolve issues faster.

Zoho Invoice

Zoho Projects is well received by small businesses and professional services companies. It has a built-in time tracking feature to record time spent for creating a product or for services rendered. In order to bill clients professionally and easily, integrating the PM tool with Zoho Invoice is the fastest way to create an accurate invoice that reflects the time spent on projects. You can also bill customers based on a fixed cost, or based on a task or issue, create estimates, record an expense, and view a profitability summary on your dashboard.

Zoho Projects Mobile Apps

Today’s work setting is not bounded by the office workspace anymore. Mobile devices are now part of the worker’s tools, allowing you to get updated or give updates even when on the go. Zoho Projects has mobile apps for both the iOS and Android platforms. These apps allow you to manage your projects wherever you are.

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Zoho Projects combines a variety of tools that can be used by different teams to plan, manage, and collaborate on projects the way they want to. Whether they focus on reports, engage in discussions, or a combination of both and more, this PM tool has the features to help the team thrive and deliver successfully. With these integrations, they can go beyond project management and unify apps and processes to build smarter workflows to improve productivity.

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