10 Task Management Tools to Improve Team Collaboration

The life of a project manager is definitely not a bed of roses. As deadlines keep coming closer, budgets get more stringent, and the complexity of tasks increase, completing a project within the defined window becomes Herculean indeed. Thankfully in today’s digital age, a few project management tools have come up to make the manager’s work a little easier.

Here is a look at the top 10 tools favored by project managers available today. Next time you feel frustrated with the various demands of a challenging project, you know that there are virtual tools to fall back on.

1. AceProject


AceProject is a web-based task management tool that helps manage projects from end to end. It is a complete task management solution for individuals, teams and enterprises that need to take control of their important workflows and leave nothing to chance. Flexible for any type of projects, this time tracking application can be quickly implemented.

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2. Nutcache

nutcache logo 1This is a collaborative task management tool that relies on the cloud. The integrated expense management and invoicing system enables efficient billing. Moreover, you can efficiently monitor project progress, delegation of tasks, create lists, cards and enjoy other features that help you organize your project well. Nutcache is a handy little tool for keeping all your projects on the right track.

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3. Teamwork

Teamwork is an online task management software that allows project managers to organize their work with their clients, as well as with other staff, more productively and efficiently. The software has its focus on team communication and time tracking, an essential part of every successful project, giving the advantage to group work instead of individual effort.

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4. Asana

asana new logoAsana is a great tool for tracking progress of a collaborative project. With its interactive dashboard, tracking the status of a project does not require physically meeting up as users can monitor completion of tasks and even delegate assignments. Document sharing is possible as well, and users can start conversations on a particular task, share images, attachments and links, and also sign up for email notifications. Asana was founded in 2008 by tech moguls Dustin Moskovitz and Justin Rosenstein. It’s user list includes big-ticket names like Dropbox, Pinterest and Uber.

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5. Trello

trello-logoTrello makes project management fun. With an interactive platform that imitates the convenience of sticky notes, you can organize project cards, assign tasks and share documents with ease. There is an option for holding discussions and the team gets email notifications any time a change is made on a project card. It is web compatible and can be used both on iOS and Android platforms. Tumblr, The New York Times, and The Verge are loyal users.

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6. Podio

podio logo newPodio not only helps you track project’s status, schedule meetings, have virtual delegations, and set up progress points, but it also caters to your organization’s requirement of generating CRM, recruitment processes and sales leads. With its unique data visualization features, unlimited storage, peer recognition options and streamlined communication platform, Podio is a project manager’s new best friend.

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7. Evernote

evernote logoEvernote is another popular project management tool that can be used over multiple digital platforms and makes the project organization much easier. The tool enjoys huge popularity because it has multiple features that enable the sharing of handwritten notes, small comments, documents and even long research documents. You do not even have to prepare slides for presenting notes.

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8. Azendoo

azendoo logoAzendoo comes equipped with a simple interface, 10 GB of storage and is compatible with both Android and iOS. It is simple to use, can monitor progress status and makes task delegation simple. Emails can easily be converted to tasks and you can even sync your timetable with the calendar. Companies like Nike, Cisco and Toyota use Azendoo.

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9. Flow

flow-logoFlow is simple yet wonderful. Behind a simple interface, it packs numerous features in a punch that let you plan, monitor and prioritize tasks. The online chat option and direct messaging service enables you to interact with team members on a more personal level which is certainly better than sending out generic emails. Paypal and Tesla use Flow.

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10. Casual

casual logoA great tool for all the start-ups out there, Casual scores with its simple workflow and the ability to automatically document all online sessions. Do not go solely by the name because Casual’s versatile features mean some serious business.

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11. Huddle

Huddle LogoBesides the ubiquitous project tracking, monitoring and document sharing features, Huddle scores on the cyber security front. With the government of the United Kingdom and United States as some of their users, Huddle has your data protected while you can concentrate all your efforts solely on the project timeline.

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12. OneNote

onenoteThis one is a personal planner, an organizer and also a project management tool that is compatible across all digital platforms and can be viewed both online and offline. You can save webpages to refer to later, share clips of board discussions, receive notifications and even set up a One Note inbox.

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With these options, collaborative projects have certainly become easier to handle. If you are a project manager, you know where to look before starting your next project charter. Good luck.

Moiz Noorani

Moiz Noorani

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