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Top 5 Trello Add-ons, 3rd Party Integrations, and Apps

trello-top-5-addonsTrello is a free project management application that makes collaboration easy with its visual platform. Users are provided an online white board where they can post virtual sticky notes that are available for the whole team to see. A powerful drag-and-drop user interface allows for the customization of boards in terms of workflow. From these boards, information is organized, directed and easy to search. However, most businesses need other features and functionality to make their PM tool more robust to meet the challenges they face as they complete their projects successfully.

The Top 5

Trello is a great project management platform to serve as foundation for a more complete and customized business productivity tool. Its Power-up feature or 3rd party integrations makes it easy for users to add the necessary features from other add-ons and applications. Check out the top 5 on our favorites list to build your own powerful PM solution.

1. Bridge24 for Trello

Bridge24-LogoBridge24 for Trello extends the visual PM tool’s capabilities to new heights. With one-click dynamic connectivity, users gain access to features such as the Power Grid. For instance, users can work on and easily manipulate their operational data in an interactive grid. Also, they can add single or multiple tasks, search using several criteria, save and manage task filters and views. Using custom fields? Bridge24 uses those too , like any other field. Lastly, they can easily export their data in Excel or CSV format for backup or presentation purposes. Bridge24 is for free and available in English, French and Spanish.

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2. TimeCamp

timecamp logoTimeCamp is another time tracking software that integrates seamlessly with Trello. Indeed, time and expenses is a critical element in all projects, but users already using Trello do not have to change applications. Essentially, they just have to integrate with TimeCamp and they now have access to a time tracker without leaving their board. In addition, they have additional features available to them such as timesheets, approvals and more insights they can get for the whole project. A 30-day free trial period is offered by Time Solutions, the maker of the time tracking add-on.

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3. Elegantt

elegantt logoElegantt is a Gantt chart Power-Up available through Chrome extension. While Trello focuses on ease of use, a Gantt chart can effectively display information relating to certain project requirements. Elegantt solves the problem of the complexities in building it up and updating it. In fact, once the extension is installed, the user logs in, and the board is selected, the Gantt chart is automatically generated. This chart reflects all data in the board, such as cards, lists, assignments and other pertinent information. The Gantt is displayed within the board with the same look and feel. It offers a free 14-day trial period.

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4. Everhour

everhour-logo-1Everhour is a time management add-on that empowers Trello. It is a user-friendly time tracking tool that also enables users to set up estimates, show logged times and overtimes. Users can choose to automatically turn on the timer or enter time for a particular day. It works right within the application, showing total team times on the board, on each column and on each card. Moreover, it provides several types of reports, such as actual times, estimates, and on specific date ranges. It is developed by Weavora Consulting and works through browser extension.

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5. Corrello

corrello-logoCorrello is a Trello Power-Up dashboard for Scrum and Kanban teams. Many teams running agile projects are using Trello for its ease of use. Unfortunately, some important information are needed but not available as it is. Users can create an account on Corrello and enable the Power-Up on their Trello board. Once enabled, users now can show a sprint burndown chart for the current board, show a cumulative flow diagram, or show the full dashboard. Therefore, instead of moving to another tool, users can get charts and analysis they need to get the status, cycle time, release burnups and other info from their agile projects.

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Trello is a great productivity tool that is easy to use and provides a highly visual UI. People can use it in different ways and applications, in addition to being accessible with a affordable premium plan for Power-Ups. It is a dependable work platform, although incomplete as an end-to-end solution for some. However, add-ons and 3rd party integrations listed above makes it a flexible and highly effective option for teams and organizations of all sizes.

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