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Overview Presentation

corrello-logoCorrello is a project management software specifically designed for agile teams using Trello. Corrello provides project managers the right set of charts and performance indicators to monitor the progress of their work. It is a one-stop solution for teams working on Trello to get insights on their work without the need of any additional project management software. Many people using Trello had complained that it was lacking in reporting capabilities, and Corrello aims to fill that gap without having you invest in a different software. A similar app we found that may compete with Corrello is

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • High Level Insights – Corrello provides all the statistics and performance indicators that project managers need to track the progress of their work. These indicators become more important in an agile environment where changes take place at a fast pace.
  • Inbuilt Charts and Key Performance Indicators – Corrello has inbuilt charts like the Cumulative Flow Diagram for Kanban teams and Cycle Time chart to get the performance statistics of members/projects. It records many other vital statistics like velocity and open bugs, which allow an in-depth analysis. Corrrello also provides forecasts into future projects on the basis of your historical data and details of when projects are likely to get completed. Another latest and important feature of the Corrello software is the sprint burndown chart that can be used by scrum teams to get a quick birds-eye view of day-to-day changes made.
  • Easy Setup – The dashboard in Corrello can be easily setup along with various charts as per the user requirements. The website provides easy tutorial videos for setting up and using the software without any hassle.

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Corrello is a very easy software to setup and its pricing reflects this quite clearly. Pricing starts from as low as $39/month. Corrello provides a free trial of 14-days for all its pricing plans. All of its plans include unlimited logins and dashboards. However the number of Trello boards are limited and are proportional to the pricing.


Social Network Presence

None as of now.

Target Market

Corrello is targeted specifically for agile teams using Trello. Project managers and team leads of agile projects running Trello don’t need to use a separate software for reporting and performance analysis. Corrello is targeted to close the gaps of Trello in project management reporting and dashboards.

Supported Language

Corrello supports English only.

Some of their Clients

Clients include Expedia,, Effinamazing and Future Content.

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Melody KirkWagner from Expedia loved the fact that Corrello displayed beautiful outputs that you can show to colleagues at any level in the company. In addition, she was impressed with the responsiveness and support of Corrello staff.

Brock Klein, founder of, loved the fact that Corrello became an integral part of his business and filled a huge gap. Previously, they never knew when the projects would finish or how far they’d come.

Dan Mcgaw from Effinamazing stated that Corrello was easy to use and very intuitive. Corrello accomplished to solve a problem that was overlooked by Trello.

Why Corrello

Trello is a great software for agile projects but lacks reporting and performance management capabilities. These gaps are filled by a light and easy to use software, Corrello. It is a cheap and easy solution to track and monitor the performance of your teams in Trello itself without moving on to a separate project management tool.

Company Info

Corrello is a software product of Cherry Wood Software Ltd. The company is headquartered in Bristol, England. The registered director of the company is Robin Warren. The current version of the Corrello software is V2 that was released on October 15th, 2015. Website linkSite link.

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