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Elegantt is a Gantt chart for Trello through a Chrome extension. A Gantt schedule chart is automatically generated using project information that is already inside Trello boards. It enhances the popular project management software by providing the big picture and information at a glance that a Gantt chart is capable of. Users can easily see from the chart what tasks are on schedule, what are late and what are early. A similar app we found that may compete with Elegantt is Bridge24.com

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Automatic Gantt chart creationElegantt Gantt schedule chart for Trello is very easy to use. Users using Chrome web browser have to only install the Chrome extension and log in with Trello to approve the app permission. It coexists with the existing boards, members and labels. When opening boards, users can choose to generate a Gantt chart for each of their boards. Every change made on the card, lists, assignments and others will automatically sync with the Gantt chart. It has the same look and feel and all data securely stays with Trello.
  • Customizable, Integration-ready – The collaborative scheduling tool creates a Gantt schedule chart with default values for quick and automatic chart generation, but manual editing for changes at any time is also possible. By choosing only the cards or lists users need to see, they can view a Gantt chart that leverages their workflows and displays one or more milestones at a time. Ongoing development will make it ready for other apps such as Basecamp, Salesforce, Zendesk, Google Apps and more.

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Currently in beta. No pricing information is available yet. Interested users can submit their email to be invited to test the software extension.

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Target Market

Elegantt collaborative scheduling tool is for project managers and team members who need a Gantt chart with their existing project management and productivity apps. It is now available for Trello customers using Chrome web browser as a Chrome extension.

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Some of their Clients

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Michael Pryor, CEO of Trello, stated that if their own designers were going to add a Gantt chart feature in their software, it would look exactly like Elegantt.

Why Elegantt

Trello and other simple project management and productivity apps focus on ease of use so that customers can worry less about learning how to use their software and concentrate more on getting work done. Elegantt collaborative scheduling tool fills in the gap by providing an important Gantt chart view but also takes away the complication of generating one with its automatic creation, with options for manual editing. Although still a work in progress, project teams now have the option to continue using their existing apps and still see the bigger picture while allowing project managers to monitor and stay on schedule. The public roadmap displayed in their board shows the issues and features that have been done, in progress and upcoming.

Company Info

Elegantt is a product of Kontest, a Montreuil, France-based company that designs applications and provides a platform for creating and spreading contest apps on Facebook, the web and mobile devices. It was founded in 2010 by Sylvain Weber, CEO; and Jacinthe Busson, COO. It has received about 600,000 euros in investment funding in 2014. It has converted and collected a total of more than 8 million leads for its clients. The company is committed in designing quality applications that make their clients happy, continuously building effective products, innovating and driving change, and pushing the envelope to meet challenges ahead.

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