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Overview Presentation

Elegantt is Gantt charting software for Trello. It is a Chrome extension that provides users with a Gantt chart view of projects as an alternative to the default Kanban board view. After a successful installation of the extension, Trello log in, and selection of the specific boards, the software will automatically create a Gantt chart complete with due dates and other card information. Thus, it provides the big picture at a glance. Users can easily see from the chart what tasks are on schedule, and which ones are late, among others. A similar app we found that may compete with Elegantt is Bridge24.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Automatic Gantt chart creation ‚Äì Elegantt Gantt chart for Trello is easily installed as a Chrome browser extension. Users can then log in Trello to approve the permissions for the integration. Once connected, they can choose which boards they want to generate a Gantt chart. The software is in sync with Trello, so every change made on the cards, lists, team members, labels and other details will be reflected in the Gantt chart. Also, the charts look and feel is similar with the PM tool.
  • More Views and Features ‚Äì The Gantt chart view can be opened or closed whenever the user wants to with a click of a button. The chart supports task dependencies, which allows them to graph relationships between cards, as well as view assigned team members. This feature helps organizes and prioritize cards. Another feature is Milestones, which are visible to the entire team. Email notifications can be sent to the team members regarding this important event, which also include project lead and project end date.
  • Save as Image, Filters, and more – Elegantt charts can be exported in weekly, monthly, or quarterly views. They can be saved in PDF, PNG, Excel or iCal format. Other features include filters, that can refine card view by members and labels. It allows selective visibility, where users can hide cards or columns in a single click. They can modify cards using click-and-drag in the timeline, and changes are automatically seen by all team members. Manual changes can be made anytime to the automatically generated charts. Future integrations are planned for MailChimp, Buffer, GitHub, Salesforce, Zendesk, and Google Apps.
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Elegantt is offered in two versions. A forever Free plan is available for individuals and evaluation. It includes 1-month history, core features, selective visibility, sorting, grouping, and some filters. The Pro plan is priced at $5 per month per slot billed annually (or $7 per slot month-by-month). It includes unlimited history, advanced features such as task dependencies, Milestones, save as image, and more. A 14-day free trial for the full-featured plan is available.

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Target Market

Elegantt Gantt charting software is ideal for project managers and team members, and other individuals and groups using Trello and Chrome. It provides great benefit for people who need to see the project schedule overview quickly, and perform selective views and edits easily right in the interactive chart.

Supported Language


Some of their Clients

Clients include Airbnb, GitHub, Google, Salesforce, Sonos, and HubSpot.

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Michael Pryor, CEO of Trello, stated that if their own designers were going to add a Gantt chart feature in their software, it would look exactly like Elegantt. Emi Bellissima stated that the Gantt chart software helped her improve her Trello project organization.

Why Elegantt

Elegantt provides add-on value to Trello users by giving them a Gantt chart view. Moreover, the chart is created automatically, but also allows for easy and quick manual editing. The feature to save the chart as image is valuable for enhancing project presentations, status reports, and other planning activities.

Company Info

Elegantt is a product of Kontest, a privately held software development and promotions company based in Montreuil, France. It was founded in 2010 by Sylvain Weber, CEO, and Jacinthe Busson, COO. It offers a turnkey solution for creating promotions for Facebook, the web, and mobile. It has raised 600,000 euros in 2014 in seed investment funding from two investors. To date, it has helped its customers engage and qualify more than 30 million leads. Another product by the company is Fastory, that helps customers create immersive and impactful stories for Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter.

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