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Promoted as “a platform built for a new way of working,” monday work management is a project management solution within a suite of other services like marketing, human resources (HR), customer relationship management (CRM), operations, and more.

Not only can it boost your team’s productivity, but monday work management‘s customizability, which is made capable through various monday integrations, makes it a viable option for workflow and project management in virtually any industry.

Best Integrations

With a suite of project and workflow management tools at your disposal, monday work management is an all-in-one solution that meets nearly all of your enterprise needs. But, its versatility doesn’t end there.

The monday work management Zapier integration, for example, opens up the door for integration with thousands of additional apps and services. Other apps feature direct integration with monday work management — some of which we’ve ranked below.

1. Salesforce

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A full-service CRM and sales process management suite, Salesforce is an instantly recognizable name amongst enterprises and businesses today.

When integrated with, it lets users track leads while injecting lead-specific data into the monday work management platform. Automatic lead filtering and mapping are included, too.

Many different objects and fields are easily mapped from Salesforce to monday work management, including:

  • Standard Objects: This includes users, campaigns, accounts, opportunities, leads, cases, contacts, and orders.
  • Custom Objects: Although it may take several minutes to sync, custom objects are supported.
  • Standard and Custom Fields: The monday work management Salesforce integration supports all fields.

2. Microsoft Teams

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Since both services are so highly focused on teamwork and collaboration, the monday work management integration with Microsoft Teams is a natural fit. By adding the embedded workflow and project management functionality of monday work management with the ease-of-use and accessibility of Microsoft Teams, your staff will be more productive than ever before.

This integration makes it possible to:

  • Create new boards in monday work management and embed them into Microsoft Teams.
  • Receive instant notifications from boards via Microsoft Teams.
  • Search and share data from boards into conversations within Microsoft Teams.

3. Slack

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One of the most popular messaging apps for enterprise and business users, Slack is a fast, secure, and convenient way to chat with co-workers or collaborate with project teammates. Given its focus on team- and group-based communication, it’s easy to see why the monday work management Slack integration was developed.

Primary features include:

  • Automatically sync conversations on both platforms.
  • Instantly notify a Slack channel whenever a monday work management project is complete.
  • Track monday work management due dates within Slack.

4. Gmail

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The monday work management Gmail integration is a must-have for any business or enterprise that uses Gmail on a daily basis. It automatically syncs the messages in your inbox with your project workflows, creates action items from incoming emails, and ensures everything is accessible from one convenient location.

Activities in monday work management can also be converted into emails, which are automatically sent based on preset condition. The two-way interactivity of the monday work management Gmail integration helps you make the most of both services.

5. Dropbox

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A cloud-based file storage and sharing service, Dropbox is available on modern PCs, laptops, and smartphones. It’s this kind of accessibility that’s made it such a popular service, and it’s also why the monday work management Dropbox integration works so well.

Dropbox files can be uploaded to several different repositories within monday work management, including the Updates section, the Status box, the Files column, and the Files gallery. The process is as simple as possible. Click on Add files or the + button, select Dropbox as your source, and select the file you want to upload.

6. Zendesk

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The monday work management Zendesk integration is an easy way to connect sales and support with your project team. Not only does this streamline day-to-day operations, but it’s a great way to improve the overall customer experience, too.

Several useful features standout when using Zendesk and monday work management, including:

  • Integrate customer feedback tickets into the monday work management platform to receive even more insight.
  • Transform support tickets within Zendesk into tasks and updates within monday work management.
  • Automatically forward accounts and support tickets to the appropriate department.

7. Hubspot

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A multichannel platform that supports CRM, marketing, sales, and customer service, Hubspot currently boasts more than 100,000 customers — many of which are using the platform via the monday work management Hubspot integration.

Whenever a new contact, deal, or company is created in HubSpot, the integration automatically creates a matching item in monday work management. This information is immediately synced with any future changes that are made in the HubSpot platform. Known as recipes, these automated actions can then be customized and mapped into new entries on monday work management.

Hubspot can also be integrated with monday work management via Zapier.

8. Excel and Google Sheets

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Spreadsheets are essential to nearly any business. With monday work management, enterprises can choose between the monday work management Excel integration or the monday work management Google Sheets integration — whichever one meets their needs.

Regardless of which service your company uses, the integration makes it easy to import entire spreadsheets into the monday work management platform. They’ll even appear identical to the way it was originally structured — complete with rows, columns, and entries — but with the added conveniences of being able to tag teammates and view real-time updates.

9. Jira

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Designed for managing Agile software development projects, Jira interacts with monday work management in several different ways. The monday work management Jira integration lets you export product roadmaps directly from monday work management into actionable tasks within Jira, provide automatic notifications to team members regarding due dates and updates, and create Jira issues from customer support tickets that originate in monday work management.

The integration of monday work management and Jira lets you track the development life cycle from one convenient location. Jira can also be integrated with monday work management via Zapier.

10. Todoist

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Like the name implies, Todoist lets you create to-do lists, track progress, and organize individual projects. When paired with the monday work management Todoist integration, all of this information is easily transferred to the monday work management platform and into the normal workflow.

Apart from sharing information regarding the creation and completion of tasks, Todoist shares the task name, due date, and priority level fields with monday work management.

Additional Integrations to Consider

There are plenty of additional services to consider when using monday work management. Some of the most popular options include monday work management application programming interface (API) integration and add-ons for social media integration, e-commerce, time tracking integration, and more.

Make the most of your monday work management experience and start managing your projects more effectively than ever before.

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