Top 10 Best Home Inspection Software

Public interest and safety are the two primary reasons why the home inspection industry is experiencing growth. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the home inspection business is expected to grow 10 percent by the year 2026. In North America, home inspection agents usually verify the condition of a property before a purchase happens. In fact, when moving into a new residence, most Americans believe that home inspection helps them prevent potential problems, even though inspection is not mandatory.

As such, the outlook is good for certified home inspection professionals. Furthermore, technology trends have helped the growth of the industry with state-of-the-art equipment and tools. Some of these are geospatial data and drones that deliver high-resolution aerial images. Modern lead and asbestos detection devices can now quickly and accurately detect these toxic materials behind walls, tiles, and insulation. Also, cameras with non-invasive infrared thermography technology are helping home inspection professionals uncover hazards and elements within residences. Finally, cloud-based technology and mobile apps give home inspection software new capabilities that help streamline the work process of professionals.

The Top 10 Home Inspection Software

Home inspection software can help inspectors and property managers save time with modern tools and advanced features. Among these are multi-platform compatibility, online accessibility and sharing, offline/on-site report writing, and photo capture and automation. Some even offer video reporting, voice recognition, audio transcription, and other business process functionality such as marketing and contact management. Here is our top 10 list based on multiple reviews and customer feedback.

1. HomeGauge

HomeGauge is a software for home and commercial inspectors who work with different platforms and devices. It is compatible with Windows, Android, and iOS. Users can speedily provide their clients with comprehensive information on the condition of the inspected property. They can print a report onsite or through their secure online report delivery and validation process. HomeGauge has advanced features such as video reports, customizable templates, and reports in PDF, MS docs, and HTML formats. Users can download a free trial of the software.

2. Home Inspector Pro

Home Inspector Pro is a multi-platform software that runs on Windows and Mac, with companion mobile apps that runs on iPad, iPhone, and Android devices. It offers several plans, for desktop licenses, monthly cloud subscription, annual cloud subscription, and even a free plan. Home Inspector Pro has customizable report templates offered in 9 different languages and used in 20 countries. Features include video recording, automatic photo placement, image annotation, slideshow, search as you type, and more.

3. Horizon Software

Horizon Software by Carson Dunlop is from a company in the home inspection industry since 1978. It is a software for businesses of all sizes with an outstanding report writing tool and more. Horizon Software also has integrated scheduling, companion mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms, automated marketing, and sales and receivable features. Aside from the software, the company also provides support, home inspection training, web hosting and archiving. Pricing starts at $67 per month on a yearly subscription, and a free trial of the software is available.

4. EZ Home

EZ Home Inspection Software is a simple inspection system that allows users to write comprehensive reports efficiently. They can customize reports by easily adding, removing, or editing sections, with adjustable colors to match the business. They can add and edit photos, insert comments, create templates, and include a summary page on reports that can be printed or emailed to clients. Several EZ Home price plans are offered, including a desktop, a desktop+mobile, and a desktop+mobile+website plan. A free trial for 30 days is available.

5. 3D Inspection System

3D Inspection System is a home inspection tool, especially for buyers and agents. It is an online solution that is also compatible with Android devices. 3D Inspection is best for home and real estate inspections, marine surveys, pest or WDO inspections, and environment or mold reporting. It has an innovative and easy-to-use single-screen interface. The software is also flexible and customizable, which included office management, report writing, and form design modules. It offers several editions with a 60-day full money-back guarantee.

6. Spectacular

Spectacular is a home inspection system that is compatible with the iPad, iPhone, Android, and Windows. It is one of the best for preparing reports with photos and videos. Other features include sharing comments and photos with buyers and agents through its companion app, Inspectacular. The system can be used easily by both veteran inspectors and newly certified professionals. Spectacular offers several pricing plans that start at $12.99 per report, or monthly or yearly plans.

7. Inspection Manager

Inspection Manager is a home inspection and property management software. It is a service for preparing professional reports and is integrated with social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Users can quickly take photos from their mobile devices to document the condition of the property. With a tap, they can comment and save. Currently, more than 24k Inspection Manager users in the US, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa are utilizing the software’s advanced features such as voice-recognition for detailed reporting. Several paid plans are offered with a free 30-day trial. A Free plan is also available.

8. Spectora

Spectora is a top-rated powerful and intuitive home inspection software. It is used by small to mid-sized businesses for creating professional and easy-to-read inspection reports. Spectora works across platforms, compatible with PC, Mac, iOS, and Android systems. Users are able to save time with its easy navigation, in-report template, and on-site report writing features. Software-only plans start at $99 per month, but a Jumpstart package for a new inspector business bundle is also available that includes the software, a website, business setup, and training. A free trial for 5 published inspections is offered.

9. Property Inspect

Property Inspect is an advanced property inspection software. It is designed for property managers, home inspectors, landlords, real estate agents, universities, homeowner associations, commercial, and multi-family home inspectors, among others. Some of the key Property Inspect features are multi-user access from anywhere from various devices, portable and offline reporting, a built-in audio transcription, global shared dictionary, pre-set templates, interactive web reports, and many, many more. Various plans are offered, starting with the Solo plan at $37 per month or $370 annually. Users can try it free for 14 days.

10. Kizeo Forms

Sometimes, the best solution is the simplest one. Kizeo Forms is a flexible and mobile tool that can be used by different users in different industries especially for entering data collected real-time while on site. Users can quickly access, easily create and fill out custom digital forms on their mobile devices, which they can send or transfer to other mobile devices. They can then generate PDF, Excel or Word reports they can send by email to multiple recipients. Kizeo Forms works with iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms. It can help automate various business processes at an affordable 9.90 euro per month paid annually. A free 15-day trial is offered.


Home inspection software is an essential tool for inspectors and agents who usually have only 2 to 3 hours to complete their inspection. They need to examine the condition of the home according to best practices, checking structures, insulation, ventilation, electrical systems, roofing, plumbing, and other areas of the house as completely and efficiently as possible. Whether it is for a buyer, a seller, or after a natural disaster, a home inspection can help identify problems that if not resolved can have an impact to safety and/or quality of life.

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