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KandjiKandji is a mobile device management (MDM) and security platform for Apple products like Mac computers, iPhones, and iPads. Organizations running their business and operations with a fleet of Apple devices can easily deploy new devices using Kandji with standardized app and security settings to users with a simplified setup and onboarding process. MDM software is a crucial component of an enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution. Kandji is designed to be a reliable and customizable platform that allows IT administrators to configure, manage, integrate, and secure Apple devices in the enterprise so that users are confident they are always using up-to-date applications and complying to standards. Read also: Best EMM Software

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Kandji : Features and Strengths

Seamless Onboarding

Kandji includes Liftoff, an automated setup that transforms a newly unboxed Mac computer into an enterprise-ready workstation with all of the company’s pre-approved apps, settings, and security clearanced. It provides users an elegant experience and an easy-to-understand view of the setup process. A clean interface displays the setup process progress. The MDM software includes robust error-handling and recovery such as addressing low battery or disconnected Wi-Fi situations during the setup. Admins can customize the screen to inform users that their computers are fully configured and ready for use. It can also include links to resources such as Kandji Self Service, help links, and online resources.

Strong and Simplified Security

Passport is a Kandji feature that extends a user’s company-issued single sign-on (SSO) credential to Mac computers. It supports leading identity providers such as Okta, Azure, OneLogin, and any other provider that supports the OpenID authentication flow to allow password sync. Users can always log in with their most up-to-date credentials. Kandji also includes security templates that are customizable for specific business compliance needs, and deployable within minutes. Users can receive notifications 5 days before enforced deadlines to update or upgrade applications. A local Kandji Agent residing in the computer keeps a record of all configurations and automatically remediates unapproved changes.

Automated Device Management, Software Patching, Integration, and More

Kandji supports one-click automation, custom scripts, and configuration profiles to manage a range of devices and unique user needs. It has remote device encryption enforcement, lock/wipe capabilities, and provides access to Filevault recovery keys, activation lock bypass codes, and recovery lock passwords. Auto Apps help ensure users are always using the right version of applications. Updates are thoroughly tested across OS and hardware, with enforcement options, notification management, configuration profiles, and delivery options. Kandji integrates with identity provides, compliance automation tools, software monitors, and other productivity apps like Slack, Google Workspace, and Microsoft 365. Back to top

Kandji Pricing

Kandji pricing depends on the number of Apple devices such as Mac computers, iPhones, iPads, and Apple TV that the user wants to manage. For instance, managing less than 100 devices will cost $399 per month billed annually. This plan also includes customer onboarding and support, Solutions Architect, Kandji Migration Agent, SSO, Self Service, and Liftoff. Back to top

Who Uses Kandji?

Kandji is for any organization that requires a mobile device management solution exclusively for Apple devices. Many small to midsize businesses including in the software, technology, financial services, healthcare, and marketing industries prefer Kandji to easily manage, configure, and secure their devices. Its customers include Crunchbase, Lacework, Netskope, Docker, Monzo, Allbirds, Notion, Voice, and Sisense. Back to top

Kandji Supported Language

Kandji supports English only at present. Back to top

Case Studies

A few weeks in as the new Director of Corporate Technology of a Brooklyn, NY-based company for digital artists, Topher Wheelers decided to migrate the company’s devices to Kandji. Many of the Mac computers were unaccounted for while other devices have a previous MDM profile installed. With a previous migration experience, confidence in Kandji’s team support, and a built-in migration agent, Topher completed the migration project within 3 weeks to better secure and configure the company’s devices. Jeremy Armstrong is the Team Lead of a seven-person IT support team at a business analytics firm based in New York City. When the company decided to implement hybrid work and go fully remote, it also decided to use MacBooks. But their existing Windows-based MDM solution won’t work anymore so they switched to Kandji. Jeremy’s team completed the migration of over 500 devices with almost no intervention. Also, any IT team member can easily deploy new devices and manage existing ones. Back to top

Why Choose Kandji?

As more organizations adopt remote working and hybrid office setups, Kandji provides a dependable Apple device management platform to help IT teams secure, authenticate, and manage devices with time-saving automation and templates. It also gives business users a simplified and elegant experience that allow them to be productive and still comply easily with company standards and policies. Back to top

Company Info

Kandji, Inc., is a privately held software company based in San Diego, CA. It was co-founded in 2018 by Adam Pettit (CEO), Mark Daughters (Chief People Officer), and Wesley Pettit (Chief Officer). The founders saw a need for a mobile device management platform for organizations using Apple products as an alternative to existing solutions that were either too simplistic or too complex. Kandji aims to meet the needs of growing businesses and increasing regulatory demands.

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