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CreatelyCreately is a flexible work planning tool that provides a data-linked visual workspace on an infinite canvas. It enables users to create, update, and collaborate on data in various forms and creates views for a wide range of use cases. It is an intuitive interface with built-in toolkits, templates, libraries, customization capability, and direct integration that makes it easy for users to create visuals of their tasks, workflows, and processes.

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Creately : Features and Strengths

Data-linked Visual Workspaces

Creately treats data as items that users can visually manage, move, group, and manipulate in multiple ways. Users can show the same item in different ways and shapes based on the context of the greater picture. Items are always in-sync across workspaces and changes applied to an item will reflect everywhere it is present and linked to.

Moreover, the free-form canvas or workspace allows a user to add any item, like data, notes, tasks, or workflow status. Users can import images or any kind of file into item notes. A universal search tool is available for finding a specific item across workspaces. Various toolkits and templates are available for different use cases, such as agile project management, product management, goal management, and business process modeling.


Task Management and Custom Workflows

Creately lets users add tasks to the workspace with its task role feature. Teams can add multiple task roles, add multiple team members, and assign responsibilities to build a workflow. It has a flexible OKR and goal alignment toolkit to help teams in planning, KPI mapping, and goal alignment.

The visual tool includes a personal task management feature with its My Tasks view. It acts as a central command center that organizes a user’s workweek. Role-based data access rules specify who can view, comment, edit, or manage items and workspaces.

Diagramming, Wiki, Integration, and More

Creately includes extensive diagramming tools containing 70 types of diagrams, shape libraries, ready-to-use templates, frames, containers, and free-hand shape creation. From these tools, users can build flowcharts, mind maps, diagrams, wireframes, process flows, and org charts, among others.

The smart visual canvas also has advanced text formatting, styling, and positioning features. It allows users to create wikis and dynamic notes that can hold information, links, resources, and tasks with flexible navigation. The canvas is ready for multi-player, real-time collaboration and integrates with many popular tools from Microsoft, Google, GitHub, Slack, and Atlassian. Users can also export images in PDF, SVG, and CSV formats.


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Creately Pricing

Creately pricing is available in several plans. All plans, free and premium, have features for real-time collaboration, comments and discussion, link sharing, and access to pre-made templates. All paid plans include unlimited canvases or workspaces, unlimited folders that can contain multiple workspaces, and unlimited file imports and attachments. Users can choose to pay monthly or pay annually with a 40 percent discount.

The Free plan includes up to 3 canvases with a maximum of 60 items per canvas. It also has limited storage and diagram types. The Personal plan at $4 /month paid annually ($6.95 paid monthly) includes 5GB storage, 30-day version history, 70 diagram types, premium shape libraries, up to 5 collaborators, and email and chat support.

The Team plan at $4.80 /user /month paid annually ($8 /user paid monthly) includes all features in the Personal plan with the addition of unlimited databases, 5000 items per database, 10GB storage, project management tools, advanced toolkits, in-app video conferencing, most integrations, and unlimited collaborators. A custom Enterprise plan is also available with higher limits, all integrations, SSO and other advanced admin and security features, onboarding support, and designated customer success and account team.


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Who Uses Creately?

Creately is for businesses of all sizes in any industry with a need for an easy-to-use, flexible, and customizable smart visual canvas. Many companies in product management, software, IT, HR, marketing, and sales use its drawing, mapping, and diagramming tools to brainstorm, design, plan, document, and streamline processes. Customers include Intel, Netflix, NASA, Citi, Facebook, National Geographic, and CBDWeb.

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Creately Supported Languages

Creately supports English, Arabic, German, French, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Turkish, and Vietnamese.


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Case Studies

Nik Dow is the Managing Director of a specialist custom web and database development company in Melbourne. On one software project, the distributed development team working across different time zones was having a problem maximizing their time, keeping track of structures, and staying on top of the new features. When the team used Creately with a team member creating the initial visual software document, the whole team was able to work together on the designs within a few hours. The visual tool allows the team to understand the system code clearly and communicate more efficiently with their colleagues.

Marcus P. is the CEO of a small food and beverage company that was looking for a diagramming tool to create org charts. He had tried several software solutions but did not find a tool easy enough to use. Creately provides Marcus with an intuitive tool to draw org charts and quickly deploy them. He uses its templates to quickly build an org chart or mind map and edit it using simple navigation and controls.

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Why Choose Creately?

Creately is a highly visual, no-code platform that provides users the flexibility to build and model business solutions. Its combined capabilities of visual workspace, custom databases, task management, multi-user collaboration, diagramming, and wiki tools give teams and companies a comprehensive software solution they can apply to help them address a broad array of work challenges in marketing, product development, engineering, HR, operations, planning, management, and education and training.

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Company Info

Creately is the product of Cinergix Pty. Ltd., a privately held software company with headquarters in Melbourne, Australia, and its primary office in Colombo, Sri Lanka. It is founded in 2008 by Chandika Jayasundara, Nick Foster, Hiraash Thawfeek, and Charanjit Singh. The founders believe that using visuals is a faster and more effective way to think, structure, communicate, and collaborate on ideas and plans. However, many struggle to draw and explain things visually. Creately fills in the gap with a mission to help people go visual for better business.


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