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TodoZu is a cloud-based task management platform for busy people. It is a feature-rich application that enables users to gather and organize personal, work and project-related tasks and integrates them into a central online platform that can be accessed from desktops, tablets and smartphones at any time at any place, and can be used online or offline. Modern living has become so increasingly busy and complex that it requires modern tools as well, but jotting down to-do items on post-it notes, listing them on spreadsheet or using the email inbox is not sufficient or efficient anymore.


Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Task and Project managementTodoZu cloud-based productivity application allows tasks to be assigned to a project and a user. Tasks can have a due date, time, and notes, and can be labeled, prioritized and followed. Due dates can be once-off or recurring. Priority numbers and color labels can be assigned to tasks, which can then be sorted and filtered by priority. Tasks can also be sorted by title, project, due date, creation date, recently updated, and assigned user, among others. Tasks assigned to others can be watched by another user who gets notified when it has been updated. Projects can be organized into logical groups. Access to each project is based on rules. For easier visual management, projects can be assigned color labels.
  • Collaboration and File management ‚Äì This cloud-based task management platform is collaboration-ready, which allows users to invite others, assign tasks, share files and get notifications for any update. Files located on local drives can be uploaded for quick and convenient sharing of reference. Future versions will support integration with other third-party apps such as Google Docs and DropBox. Users can assign reminders on tasks. Notification is done by email or mobile app. Items can be filtered in a number of pre-configured ways.
  • Multiple Platforms, Data backups, Security and more ‚Äì TodoZu runs on most browsers. It also has a native iPhone, iPad, Android phone and Android tablet apps. It synchronizes to all devices in real time. It works both in online and offline modes and will automatically update once connected with the Internet. Data is regularly backed up and data transmission uses SSL encryption. Premium Pro features allows for unlimited users per project. It also has custom filters, a powerful search and a central user and billing administration feature.

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TodoZu offers a free-mium plan. The Free plan includes for 100 active projects, 150 active tasks per project, and 25 task assigns per project. The Pro plan at $3 per month or $29 annually includes for unlimited active projects, active tasks per project, and task assigns per project. It also has labels and an unlimited file size upload, aside from the other Pro features mentioned.

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Target Market

TodoZu is for individuals and small teams. It is valuable for personal task management as well as collaborative work.

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Some of their Clients

Todozu is currently on beta.

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No information is available yet.

Why TodoZu

Modern living requires that people be more proactive in planning and managing tasks in our lives in order to achieve and succeed. TodoZu is a simple and beautiful application yet comprehensive enough to be collaborative, highly accessible, secure, affordable and with the right set of features suitable for everybody.

Company Info

TodoZu is a product of Skyestream Pty Ltd, a privately held software and mobile applications development company with office in Sydney, Australia. It was founded by Sean Smith. The company is composed of a team of developers with years of experience in business process and system design. They are developing useful and affordable cloud-based software for individuals and SMBs. They are committed to help people and teams do more in less time with less effort. People can continue to expect from the company smart, well-designed and usable software that looks and works great.

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