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Overview Presentation

TimenTask is a cloud-based productivity tool that enables companies to track the time and location of field employees and manage the workforce with real-time reports. It calculates time, manage idle time, and analyze employee productivity. The software can help employees to close leads, time in and out via mobile apps and reduce commute, provide managers real-time status reports and verification, among others. Thus, tracking time and managing work of field service personnel are all done automatically.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Auto Location and Time Tracking ‚Äì TimenTask allows users to create tasks while on the move. Auto task gets created and stops automatically when they leave a certain location. With location tracking, users’ attendance is automatically taken together with time and location information as soon as they log into the app. They can even work offline, since an activity log is maintained, and syncs once connection is established. Managers can view the current location of all managed field force, in map view, and with detailed location and time reports.
  • Call Log and Customer Support ‚Äì The productivity app can record calls of sales and support teams. Users can then set appointments and followup meetings from dialed and received calls. Customer contacts can be automatically matched or assigned manually to specific groups. The app can provide call summary reports and create tasks automatically for action taken on phone calls. It can also provide chatting sessions and ticket generation for customer support. Status are automatically updated depending on action taken or results.
  • Team and Task Management, Desktop Capture, Mobile Apps, and more ‚Äì TimenTask enables managers to use their desktops or mobile apps to manage work or teams from anywhere and receive real-time updates. They can manage tasks, status, completion dates, cancellations, and to-dos, as well as plan their workday and review reports. It can automatically capture screens, apply filters according to data or users, and store in the cloud for later download and work verification. It works on iOS and Android platforms with native apps, increasing mobility of employees without sacrificing productivity or access to tools. Built-in chat allows one to one or group messaging. Users can also attach and share files, as well as allocate tasks.


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Target Market

Timentask is ideal for small to medium-sized enterprises in the sales and marketing, maintenance and repair services, architects, engineering, and contracting, technology, energy and utilities, telecommunications, and door-to-door services.

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Why TimenTask

TimenTask is a very useful tool for locating, tracking and managing field workers. The task management and time tracking tool automates many administrative tasks, enabling companies to streamline their work process. Furthermore, the real-time reports and analytics provides valuable information to improve efficiency further, ensuring competitiveness, profitability, and business growth. Availability of price information, however, is essential, so interested parties can make purchase decisions.

Company Info

TimenTask is a product of Aryavrat Infotech, a privately held IT services and solutions provider. It is founded in 2009 with offices in Jaipur, India, and Foster City, CA, USA. Aryavrat is into software development, mobile application development, consulting services, systems integration, and outsourcing solutions provider.

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