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Overview Presentation

Sendtask is a collaborative task management software that integrates with email and other third-party applications. The digital marketplace abounds with cloud-based task and project management collaboration applications. Teams of different function, mission or location usually find one platform where all users create accounts, manage projects and track their work in a central workspace. However, collaboration sometimes entail working temporarily with freelancers, consultants or vendors that do not need to have their accounts created in the platform. Sendtask addresses this situation by allowing people to send tasks to others by email, followup on them and manage the rest of the project without having to create their accounts.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Project CollaborationSendtask enables users to send tasks to anyone with an email address. They will be able to give comments and instructions to a task, and attach files such as images or documents. They can add or remove followers on tasks so that all involved are updated. Again, people can collaborate even if they have not joined in or created an account. The application includes for unlimited users, who as a team can be added into a project to easily assign tasks. It is flexible enough for personal to-do lists as well as for managing business tasks and activities.
  • Task Organization and Management – This task management application helps users and teams to get things done. Features include reminders and notifications for important events that help the mind to focus on actionable tasks, and not on trying to remember things. It has due dates and activity logs, sections and custom tags to help organize work and make them more visible. The magic bar is a powerful search tool for creating or searching for tasks. Markdown support also enable people to format their comments and provide clearer discussion of ideas.
  • Integration, Customization, and more – Sendtask works with third-party email. For instance, users can sign in with their Gmail and see their contacts in the task management app. Email sync enables them to use their inbox as their task management hub, where they can create and assign tasks without having to go to Sendtask. Other features include filters for tracking specific projects. It has built-in sorting options or people can create their own. Customization allows for further changing of dashboards for personal preferences. It integrates with Slack and Evernote. Also, an iOS app is available for download.


Sendtask is currently free to use. It includes for unlimited users and unlimited tasks.

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Target Market

Sendtask is for individuals, teams, startup companies, and SMBs who need a flexible task management application. Teams and organizations who work with external partners for short periods of time will find the most benefit.

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Some of their Clients

Clients include users and teams from Inc., Siemens, Optimizely, Freelancer, Dow Jones, Airbus, Wizeline, Avrios, Carrefour, Capgemini, UC Berkely, and KPMG.


Josef Birchler described Sendtask as an impressive software. He stated that it is becoming his main tool for pending tasks.

Bastien Rojanawisut stated that the task management app is easy to use and well designed. Also, it evolves quickly and does the job right.

Why Sendtask

Sendtask is a task management application that reaches out to collaborators and partners without having to confine them inside another software with yet another registration. Users have more options to quickly and easily send tasks and track them to completion. Its focus is on speed, ease of use and flexibility. It may not be for every type of project and environment, but there are a great number of situations where it is applicable and recommended.

Company Info

Sendtask is a privately held, sole proprietorship computer software company based in Rapperswil, Switzerland. It is owned and founded by Cedric Waldburger, an entrepreneur and investor in startup companies. Cedric is passionate about startup technology, and has been involved in financial technology, e-commerce, social networks and SaaS. He received his Bachelor in Science and Master in Science degrees from ETH Zurich. Sendtask was launched in January 2017.

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