Top Software Alternatives to Producteev

Producteev by JiveProducteev was a social task management solution from Jive Software that enabled users and teams to coordinate activities and efforts across the organization. It was a valuable collaboration tool in supporting small businesses in their projects. After the company discontinued the software in June 2018, project managers and teams are looking at Producteev competitors for a suitable replacement.

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Producteev Alternatives: What to Look for

Producteev started as simple, web-based task management software and evolved into project management software with task lists, mobile apps, and collaboration features. Users looking for a Producteev alternative should consider the following features as they look for a replacement product:

  • Free plan for small teams, and scalable business plans
  • Intuitive user workspace with support for collaboration
  • Easy task management, creation, and assignment
  • Task breakdown into subtasks and organization with labels
  • Multiple work views
  • Customizable interface and tools
  • Support for multiple platforms, like browsers, desktop, iOS app, and Android app
  • Project management reporting and notifications
  • Automation of repetitive tasks
  • Integration with productivity apps like email, Google Docs, or social media apps

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Top Software Alternatives to Producteev

Producteev provided team members with an easy-to-use task management and collaboration tool. Here are our top picks for cloud-based solutions from Producteev competitors with full task and project management features that are suitable for companies of all sizes.

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What Is Producteev?

Producteev provided users a software product that worked across platforms and devices. It made it easy for a user to capture a task coming from multiple devices, communication channels, and social media. Dubbed a social task management tool, it offered a free plan for a small number of users, enabling them to check and manage tasks from their emails and mobile phones.

How-to guides and related articles were available from the Producteev Academy website, which also gave badges when a user completed an activity. Jive Software acquired Producteev in 2012, but when Aurea acquired Jive in 2017, the company decided to discontinue Producteev the following year.

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Ready to Try a Producteev Alternative?

Today, there are various Producteev alternatives and competitors that offer task and project management solutions. Our top picks offer scalable plans, rich sets of tools, and reliable customer support. Aside from features and capabilities, a user can also take a look at how companies intend to develop the product in the future, and how these companies position themselves as solution providers.

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